a Late Birthday post

I should have been posted this entry on January, 8th. I can’t make it back then, so I need to make another apology for this late post.


Happy Birthday!

You know how much i used to love you..

You know how much I still love you till now..

but you will never realize that I can’t stop loving you..

even when we start to grow apart..

I know that one day you will not remember me as your closest one..

I just want you to know that even at that time, I will love you..

until the very end..


Happy Birthday, my sweet little love!

Cute birthday girl

I am sorry that I can’t attend your birthday party, I can’t fulfill your wish..

It’s sad you know, when everyone of our family is gathered and cheered at your birthday but I can’t be there.

Here are some of the photos they sent me, I hope you forgive my absence..

you know I love You!

Zaskia Khairani Salsabila

Birthday girl
Birthday girl
Cia, crying Zhazha and my beautiful sister
little butterfly princess
with our beloved father
Zhaza! lol
with most favorite brother
Zhaza, Mama Zhaza and Uncle Cici





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