darkjasm” is a cyber name for a twenty something girl. Born in Lubuk Jambi, Riau, an oily province in Sumatra Island of Indonesia. Spend her childhood in Sungai Apit and Pekanbaru but went to Yogyakarta to study Psychology at Universitas Gadjah Mada until graduation at 2009. This girl has an interest in Social Psychology. Her undergraduate thesis, about peace culture in Pacu Jalur tradition of Kuantan Singingi region introduced her to Indigenous Psychology and Peace Study that soon become part of her world. Group processes such as indoctrination, behavior modification, terrorism, and conflict will always make her forget the time. Friends of her usually recognize her for her twisted mind and bizarre point of view. She always has something unique in her assessment that sometime made her hard to understand. A psychology graduate that hate to talk unless she really had to. Public speaking is not her thing until she begin her time as an assistant lecturer in a state-owned university in West Java. She lectures general psychology for a non-psychology major university student. She really is into Scouting (a member from elementary to university), volunteering, and definitely writing. She found writing as her therapy from her storming mood and help her to cope better with her harsh reality. She write about anything that cross her mind, mostly about psychology stuffs, scouting, youth matters, short fictions, her one of a kind poems, places she visited and FOOD (she can’t be too far from this one). This is a place that she call a world: stayed between black and white, which introduce her to poetry, social psychology and people she loves.

…..Let your heart guide you in every second of your Life




  1. I’d like to say Hi! πŸ˜€
    I see your field of study, Peace Studies, that’s awesome. πŸ˜€
    Not many people are encouraged to choose that study.


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