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there’s kinda vote between Israel or Palestine (Of course we vote for Palestine) in a site an we can also leave our comments there,,

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  1. yasmin mubarak says:

    Palestine in the eyes of its children

    Kids Speak Out

    Fourteen-year-old students at the Amman National School were asked to write about Palestine. Although teachers advised these students, they wrote without any adult interference. This is what they came up with:

    Palestine in the eyes of its children
    Farah, 14yrs.

    The people in Palestine live in a state of fear because of Israeli aggression. Before the occupation, Palestine was paradise compared to other countries. It has a place for all religions. Palestine stayed a heaven until the Zionist aggression, which attacked the people and the beautiful land. The children live in continuous fear. In spite of that you always see them rebel and give their lives for their country.

    Isn’t it the Palestinian child’s right to live an innocent life like the rest of the children of the world, and to give them the freedom to live their childhood instead of fear? Every day lots of innocent children, men and women are being killed while defending themselves against the Zionist bullets. If a Zionist soldier is killed, or a Zionist citizen, it becomes a problem all over the world.

    But the blood of an innocent Palestinian child nobody cares.

    If people would look at what’s happening around them they will feel how strong and courageous they are. We cannot imagine the idea of the children and people of Palestine fighting with stones while the Israeli soldiers fight with live bullets. And in spite of all that they (Palestinians) don’t give up their rights.

    Maybe one day the Arab nation will wake up and fight the Zionist aggression and bring back Palestine, the haven that it was back to its people, so that the blood of the martyrs does not go in vain. The Palestinian land will always stay pure even if the enemy tries to desecrate the Holy Land. This is not going to stay a dream the time has come when Palestine will be brought back to its people.

    Palestine in the eyes of its children
    Muna, 13 yrs

    On a sunny beautiful day during the summer holiday I went with my family to visit the Dead Sea in the Jordan valley. I sat with my family and had a wonderful time. When the sun went down I was watching it. I looked at the other side of the Dead Sea. I remembered Palestine and the days of wars and how they suffered because it was destroyed and Israel came in.

    I had a very, very strange feeling for this land. I saw this land that was seized by the Zionists. My tears came down for this Holy Land. That every Arab should fight for it with his soul and blood and should be liberated from the hands of Zionism so that the children, women and old people live in peace instead of the harsh life they live under occupation.

    We should unite because with unity we have strength. All the Arab nations should stand with one hand and get back the dome of the rock and where Jesus, the son of Mary, was born until we all become one Arab unity and stand together for our challenges which are facing our nations.

    Palestine in the eyes of its children
    Ali 13 yrs

    I am a Jordanian child. I never lived in Palestine but my point of view is very important in my dreams and aspirations. The world is like a wheat field, every country is one wheat. We find the first world harvested with green wheat, bright and beautiful for the eyes. But the third world, most of its wheat has withered. This is Palestine. The Zionists stepped on it, destroyed the houses, killed the innocent. This clean, shiny soil became black, covered with blood and injustice.

    The world is empty of justice and humanity and is full with injustice and selfishness. The Zionists cannot feel and think of the Arab children who lost the most important thing they own, which is their lives. Isn’t it logical that the soldier should feel sorry for the child? There is no meaning for that, this evil should stop. We should take our rights to live in stability and enjoy a decent life. We should take this white rose which is our right. This rose should not be plucked and planted in others’ lands.

    Palestine in the eyes of its children
    Khaled 14yrs

    I sat down drinking my cup of coffee in the morning trying to read the daily paper looking for good news, hoping that one day I’ll find it. But nothing new. Nothing new in the peace processes. Somebody went for the peace process but immediately after such news, we read about suicidal incidents to defend between two countries which have peace between them.

    When I remember Palestine, which never goes from our minds, and we remember the sufferings which the Zionists and their terrorists have done, shooting at people praying in the morning, killing a child whose defending himself with a stone on a Zionist soldier who was insulting the people (children of the stones) praying in front of the mosque. Children in their youth each one carrying their stone, waiting for the right moment to throw it on his enemy. A very sad site which never ends of killing and taking the rights of the civilians. When are we going to have peace which all the people of the world think of so that the situation will be controlled and the fighting will stop? When are we going to have Palestine back? It will never come back except by force and surprise, exactly the way they took it. We remember the freedom fighters that with their blood irrigated the land. Those who gave their life, fighting for their country. We’re going to get it back from the Zionists one day.

    Palestine in the eyes of its children
    Nada 14yrs

    There are lots of people who live a decent life, a life full of happiness and joy. While the Palestinian people live a life that is full of sadness and homelessness which is empty from joy and happiness. These people were kicked out from their country. Their houses, their lands were taken. Children became orphans. Their lives turned into hell. From this day that every Arab person should remember, the Intifada, where thousands of martyrs fell, defending their country with the simplest weapon, a stone.

    Meanwhile every Israeli soldier has weapons and grenades. With his weapons, grenades, and ruthlessness in his heart. Will this tragedy keep going on and on? We are the losers with the number of our martyrs and the number of children, orphans, and homeless. There should be a solution for this problem, which is the problem of every Arab human being. Lets look at the beauty of Palestine before the war, the fertile land that used to give a lot but now it gives nothing. Nothing is left from it.

    They build settlements on the land and prisons. This land was destroyed after the occupation. Nothing was left from it. That’s why Palestine should go back as it was, Palestine should go back to its people, now the Palestinian situation and its people does not make anybody happy. Palestine should go back to its people so that it will be back, the land of peace without violence or war. I am sure that it will go back and justice will prevail.

    Palestine in the eyes of its children
    Rawan 14yrs

    “Today two children were killed by a stray bullet from the Israeli soldiers trying to stop children throwing stones,” said the broadcaster on the TV. I did not believe myself when I heard the news. I said to myself what is the guilt of the children? They have the right like every other child living on this globe. They have the right to be happy, to live in peace in their houses.

    Now they can’t live in peace. They live in fear of the enemy’s bullets, who occupied their land. Palestine is a green country overlooking the Mediterranean. It has its religious status, it has Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and lots of the important religious places. Jerusalem has the Dome of the Rock, it’s the third holiest mosque, it was the first direction of prayer (Kibla). Bethlehem is where Jesus was born, may god bring peace on him.

    It’s not strange that the Zionist enemy chose it to be his new home. They sunk their feet in its holy soil killed everybody who came in their way without thinking of age. Martyrs fell one after another, irrigating their land with their clean blood. Up to now people are still falling like martyrs for the sake of their land hoping that the sun will shine again on their country and it will, god willing when we unite to save Palestine.

    Palestine in the eyes of its children
    Yanal 14yrs

    When I hear about the children of the stones lots of ideas come to mind… innocence, patriotism, loyalty- stolen childhood- stolen land.

    I felt very sad when I saw the sight of these children that did not live their happy and lively childhood. Some of them lost either a mother a father or a brother or a sister or parts of their limbs. They woke up with questions on their mind. What is freedom? Where is my country? Nobody answered these two questions for them. They used to face the arms with stones, love with hatred, bitterness with forgiveness, hope with despair. They know they will not succeed but there is courage, hope and whatever happens this is their country… their homes, country and nation.

    Every once in a while they hold in their right hand a stone and in their left hand hope. And in their dreams they dream that the sun of freedom and peace will come one morning. They dream of the white pigeons of peace will fly over their houses which will hear their screams and shouts.

    But me, every time I sit down alone and my eyes are closed I hear a scream that should be heard all over the world, a scream hoping for an answer. A scream for peace and freedom


  2. Ali says:

    yes Ur right i will vote for Palestinians … Stop the war


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