I Survived!

Forget to bring your handphone is a nightmare. Better left your wallet instead, they said.

If it is so, then I was experiencing a real nightmare today. I forget to bring my cells to the office, which I realize when i’ve already arrived in my office and wondering why there was such a silent during my journey.

I tried to stay positive that it is a chance for me to have a peaceful time, no disturbance from anyone else. Then I finally remember that I had to return the “Malay Dress” to the “Sanggar Melayu”, asked by my brother, to one part of Jakarta that I’ve never been before, called Pondok Bambu. DISASTER!

Arrived in the office, I call my Father to inform him that i cannot be reach until i get home tonight, call Mr.J to tell him that he can email me in case he miss me #eaaa and then call my “Still-in-honeymoon-at-bali Brother” to email me address of the Sanggar Melayu.

I had a very peaceful day in the office, so peaceful that i became sooooo sleepy… or maybe it was because i’ve been out of the town for some moment that made being in the office became more boring than it usually did. haha

Back to my so-called-disaster plan, as soon as i received the email from my brother, i ask people in my room how to get to the address in a very easy way and jam-free way. Got the answer, although i haven’t understand it perfectly, i just hope for my best luck that afternoon.

And the luck did show it self, in a form of my friend name Miss Mcuy.

I accidentally bumped into her in my way to my car and an idea came in a sudden that her home is around the address, so i begged her to please explain me the detail about how to get there and she offered to lead me the way to somewhere very close to the address instead. What a kind girl.. Thank You Mcuy!

Thanks to Mcuy, she lead my way till Klender and it is so close from the address, I just need to follow my brother instruction. It’s quite easy tho, if my brother did give me the right instruction. I found the street that he indicated in the directions, i just need to find an “ind*mart” and turn to left afterward, but it turned out that no ind*mart in that street. I have to go back to the street again and I found “Alf*mart” instead, and with all my guts, i decide to turn left there and voila! that was the street and I found the Sanggar!

-Mission Accomplished-

for the moment…

until I realized that I still have to find my way back home. For some people, it could be an easy A, but for me, it was a hard thing! I’ve often lost in my journey to my home from the place that i’ve known pretty well, and since i just follow Mcuy on my way to that place, i haven’t paid any attention to my route that afternoon and it was already dark when I wanted to go home, so it was another DISASTER for me. hmm.. I guess I just rely on my feeling and became very aware of the direction boards. This is when I need to trust my self and the Self fulfilling prophecy* would come true.. long story short, i finally arrived safely at home. pfiuh, what a journey! 😀

Another disaster was waiting for me in the house..

I reunited with my cells and I wanted to inform Mr.J that I have the mission accomplished, but turned out that my cells run out of credit. I couldn’t believe it because i ‘m sure that i have around 30grands credit the night before, then I remembered something about calling Mr.J last night that I couldn’t recall a “good-bye”, yes, i was sleeping while calling him and from the “120 minutes and 30 seconds” call log, I knew that he fell in sleep too.. d’oh!


Lucky that I still had my “a taste from heaven” Durian Pancake from my best friend Ji for dinner.. yes, I am too lazy to cook and had no cash to order a delivery service. This time, Luck show in a form of Durian Pancake..

Luck does exist, in many forms.

…and for me, Luck is part of Blessings from Allah..
* i would like to write about it some time in the near future..

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