Travelling a la Woody Woodpecker

One wedding invitation could turn into a fun journey…

I am writing this post from Argo Lawu, a train to Yogyakarta, one of my favourite City!


inside the argo lawu train… Sleepy….

Like what i’ve stated earlier, a wedding invitation could lead us into a *hopefully* fun journey. This sentence is describing the background of my journey this time. I am on my way to attend one of my friend’s wedding in Yogyakarta. I am so excited since i haven’t come to Yogya for a long time. I’m longing for yogyaaaa……

For cutting the budget, we (me and my friends, yes.. I’m not travelling alone) choose to go by a train instead of a plane.. (I am longing for a train trip alsoooo). We want to enjoy a “backpacker” trip, but two of us aren’t bring the backpacks but not a suitcase or “koper” also, so we call ourselves a “woody woodpecker traveller” instead,,


So here we are, the Woody Woodpecker Trio!

The journey is just begin and I hope that it will be a fun yet memorable journey!

Yippiiiyyy… It’s holiday time, baby…

*more stories to come….


a fresh star for an enlightening journey :p


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