Woody Woodpecker #2: Let the pics do the talk

..to the beach we go, follow the lead we ought, the temple we visit, to Malioboro we’ve told..

Start the journey to south in early morning, we visited the beaches in Gunung Kidul -means South Mountain- (is there a beach in a mountain? yes! You all absolutely should visit it!) Sundak Beach, Krakal Beach, Kukup Beach (not in particular order, I forget the name – yes! I don’t suit the travel blog writer.. 😀 )

in the beach, i breath

to the beach we go
“no need to take morning bath”, we thought
.it’s just an imperfect love.
all we had is a Not ordinary L.O.V.E
whadda shy beach!
sail! sail to the ocean!
#1 as political party leader
#2 Ambassador of the world
#3 ChibiChibiChibiChibi
#4 cuteness lvl: teddy bear (?)

After a little wet in the beach, we went to Prambanan Temple (we all slept in the way to Prambanan,, we let Mas Mahmud to drive alone while we went to our own fantasy land *drooling* lol)

welcome to Prambanan!
MbakYan dan DekLys
a little scandal.. :p
-Mbah Roro Jongrang, a seller in Prambanan Stalls-
mbakYan’s bargaining

After tanning our skin in Prambanan, we went to hunt Bakpia Kurnia sari (we couldn’t get it, all of the bakpia is booked.. ) and lunch in Lotek Kolombo.. yummiyy!!

i’m so in love with this lotek since my university time

Too bad we couldn’t get the infamous Bakpia Kurniasari, but we haven’t had a time to be sad coz the journey was an absolute fun! We went home for another short nap with a happy tummy.

We checked out from budhin’s place around 5 pm. Our train will depart at 9 pm, so we had 3hrs shopping time remain. Malioboro, here we come!!

OOPss. We had a tour to UGM before went to Malioboro.. I’m missing my campus..

Gadjah Mada University
one thing is changed in this view, and it’s not a good one!


another bargaining time

we had Soto Kadipiro as our last dinner in Yogya..

and.. Time for saying goodbye to Yogya is finally come.. *tears*

in front of Tugu Station with Bakpia Raminten
inside Tugu Station, with all the bagages



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