Moments with @photomatt and @wpjkt

I have to admit that this one is really a very late post.

Last week, the CEO of automattic was coming to Jakarta for the 3rd Jakarta WordPress Meetup and I was so happy to be a part of WPJKT volunteer (Thanks to Mr Valent for allowing me to volunteer). This is a big event for WordPress community in Indonesia, esp. Jakarta but Mr Valent succeed in organizing this event with only few volunteers! I do suspect that he has done some magic.. 😆

Conversation with Matt Mullenweg was held in Binus University. True to the theme, Q&A session was so fun. Many participants asked many kinds of questions which answered eagerly by Matt. I did enjoy the event despite I didn’t really understand what they were talking about since I am a pure user (I don’t really understand their language, it was like they were talking about coding in a code language :D).

Matt was talking about his early year developing WordPress, how the name WordPress is decided and many things they have done so far until WordPress become so massive. Bahasa Indonesia is not surprisingly one of the most used language for blogging in WordPress base blog, therefore WordPress will launch its full Indonesia translation!

One thing that attract me from many things he said in the night session was that how he love to photograph the cloud, that is maybe the reason behind this. Other thing that attract me was in the Brunch Session when he said that he loves Path and that is why posting a WordPress entry from path is so easy and vice versa.

With a founder like Matt, I don’t have doubt that WordPress will keep getting bigger and bigger. He has passion in everything he does and from two things above, I know that he love what he’s doing and he could spread the love all around the world.

This is truly a big opportunity for me, Thanks to mas Valent for the chance. I am looking forward for the next one! #eh

Selfie with Matt! :lol:
Selfie with Matt! hohoho




  1. JASA SEO says:

    wah seru, kirain tahun ini ternyata 2014 hehe


    1. darkjasm says:

      iya.. tahun 2014.. hehehe


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