Casa di atas Aksara

another weekend trip!!



Last friday, we went to Kemang.. yes, Kemang again..

This time we went to dine in Casa but due to the waiting list, we were window shopping first in Aksara and I just Love Aksara!

There was a feeling of “syahdu” *ceilah* that Aksara lit up in my heart.. i love the vibrant of this bookstore. i love how they arrange and decorate the books and all the unique things they sell there… Unfortunately I can’t take the photos there.. 😦

finally, we get the seat in Casa..

I ordered Spaghetti Aglio Olio again, but this time it is followed by the peperocino and it was soooooo spicy! but still soo tasty.. hihihii

Mr.J ordered Salmon Teriyaki + Rice (biasa, tipikal orang indonesia, kalo makan harus pake nasiii,, hihihi peace!)

let the pics tell more…

The Drinks: my Hot Chocolate, Mr.J's Lime Squash + Mineral water
Spaghetti Aglio Olie e Peperocino
Salmon Teriyaki + Rice
i love the candle..
romantic dinner

Just you……

...and me


The Dark Jasmine