Better Education for All

After such a long hiatus in posting and after encountering my own fear to be involve again in a social forum, I came to PS Bloggers Gathering last night at Es Teller 77 Adityawarman. (This is gonna be a long long post, pardon me)

Education to Employment: Preparing Globally Competent and Highly Employable Indonesians.

That was the theme last night. The speakers are Iwan Setiawan (author of “9 summers 10 autumns”) and Chris Crow (US Fullbright Scholarship Alumnus). We shares our concerns about Education in Indonesia, Chris also presented USBI that offers many fun ways to educate young people.

Just yesterday morning, I read an article about how Indonesians are lazy to read and Mas Iwan also highlighted these thing in his sharing session. He said that in Indonesia, students are not encouraged to read because most of us are just memorizing the lesson for a good grade, not to make ourselves understand the subjects. Chris also share his experience when he was teaching english in Maluku, he said that students there, are good at answering close ended question, while they found an open ended question very hard to answer. I guess this problematic fact root once again to “reading habit”. In the article I’ve read earlier, the writer shared that he was mocked overseas because he said that his hobby is reading. Reading is not a hobby overseas, they just read, while in Indonesia we classified reading as an hobby so people who stated their hobby is watch movie, they probably never read.

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