aBout the MDGs’ Goal number 5 : maternal Health

Indicators Target 6: Reduce by three quarters the maternal mortality ratio

   Maternal Mortality Ratio (WHO)

   Proportion of Births Attended by Skilled Health Personnel (UNICEF)

Goal 5


5.1 Promote reproductive and sexual health education in rural and urban areas through formal curricula and

non-formal activities. 


5.2 Encourage peer-to-peer education on sexual health and community-based condom distribution for youth by



5.3 Fund the expansion of existing or establishment of new youth-led, non-formal community education to

raise awareness about negative consequences of child marriage and adolescent pregnancy.


5.4 Provide opportunities for youth to speak about their culture, and encourage their voices to be a part of

community formation.


5.5 Fund and support youth-led media and awareness campaigns about scientific implications of some cultural



5.6 Support the involvement of young men in preventing gender-based violence through their participation and

leadership in trainings and awareness programs.


UNDP’s work

   MDG-Plus: a case study of Thailand ; the government spend much money on healthcare 

   Part of a series to share good practices from countries successfully promoting and advancing the MDGs, this case is intended to help UNDP Country Offices, national governments and their partners to determine whether adapting the MDG targets to local contexts could advance the MDGs in their countries, and if so, how the Thailand experience can be applied elsewhere.


More information

   Millennium Project Report: Who’s got the power? Transforming health systems for women and children



Raise awareness of women and girl for everything about maternal health, medic and psychological information

            : The mortality of mother in giving birth or while the pregnancy time can reduce by giving an early information and knowledge about everything related to the maternal health. People without information about maternal health can be result in lack of the nutrition during pregnancy, giving birth without attended by skilled health personnel and as the results are the increasing of child mortality and we lose the generation. Raising their awareness from early time will help them cope with their children and raise their children in more proper way.


Giving information to families and each of its’ members about maternal health and giving birth.

            : Maternal health and giving birth are not only issues for women, but also for everyone in the families so they can make everything easier to the mother while pregnancy and giving birth and also raised their children. It is especially focused to the fathers to aware them that maternal health is an important thing to be considered and everything related to the process of giving birth and raising children are also their responsibilities.


Raise awareness of society about maternal health and giving birth.

            : the society need to know what are things important in the maternal issues so it will be more positive toward women.


Provide proper facilities in local communities to increase maternal health and in giving birth (good infrastructure, good service, friendly, and cheap)

            :  Since the good facilities are commonly very expensive, it is really important to make a cooperation with other organizations in charge in making the cheap good hospital for mom and kids, so the facilities can cover everyone and reduce the mortality of mother and children in the process of giving birth, include pre-natal, perinatal, post-natal.


Establish cooperation between citizens with government’s health department and government or private hospitals and also with NGOs


Programs :

   Promote awareness about maternal health for women and teenagers

   Campaign for births attended by skilled health personnel

   Succeed programs on maternal health

   Train society to contribute in maternal health keeping

   Provide facilities for keeping maternal health in local communities


My/Our Next Step


Form a community with people who concerned in maternal health issue. Including the professionals of healthcare, psychologist, social worker, etc.


Gathering information about maternal health and keep updating


Identify the problem of each country and actions that already made before


Collected up the data of organizations/institutions/etc, which concerned to maternal health and the contact person.


Build a good cooperation with government and other organizations in charge


Cooperate with local or village organizations especially women organizations as much as possible


Involved in local communities’ programs related to the issue of maternal health


Plan programs and set specific goals


Find supports for funding, initiating, succeeding program. Including financial, medical, etc.


Evaluate and keep the continuity of the programs


Programs :

1.    Promote awareness about maternal health

   Making a cooperation with women society organization

   Cooperation with health organization both with government and non-government

   Socializing how important the maternal health to the society

   Train pregnant women about all aspects of giving birth

   Established the exhibition day for maternal health


2.    Campaign for births attended by skilled health personnel

   Gathering information about maternal health and the data about mother mortality in giving birth

   Cooperation with professional health organizations

   Cooperation with women society organizations


3.    Succeeding the programs on maternal health

   Gathering information about programs on maternal health hold by other organizations both government and non-government organizations

   Cooperation with the organizations

   Informing the society about the programs


4.    Train society to contribute in maternal health keeping

   Cooperation with companies/organizations/institutions/etc who occupied women, so they can contribute in keeping the maternal health

   Train other members of the family in keeping the maternal health


5.    Provide facilities for keeping maternal health in local society

   Cooperation with local community

   Cooperation with local government

   Cooperation with professional health organizations

   Cooperation with social service community

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