How to make a peaceful world for children,,

this is the result of one group in open space session of IYF 2008 (Bandung, 25 June 2008), enjoy it,,

Title            : Making a Peaceful World for Children to Enjoy Their Childhood Time

Key Points            :

   Children need to explore their world for building their character and to learn how to socialize with others.

   Nowadays, children have limited spaces and time for playing and enjoy their childhood time because of the city development, educational system or even the war.

   Parents are so busy to work so sometimes they only provide the children with material things, not with love or care. Although, the togetherness between the parents and the children is not about the quantity but it’s all about the quality.

   Children are forced to learn something that not equal with their cognitive term yet, so it can result in the school refusal.

   Kindergartens and playgroups have positive and negative sides. The positive side is that those both can arise the social awareness of the children, but the negative one is those both taken children’s time for being together with their family.

Conclusions/Recommendations/actions            :

1.     It’s a teacher responsibility for making the way for children to learn something attractively, so the term studying is not become a boring session, but become the interesting one. For example, setting the study situation in “back to nature” concept.

2.     Make a lesson or time that provide the spaces for children to share their feeling and facilitate children to socialize

Let the parents know that the children need to socialize and the children also have need of affection from them, from their own parents. Let the parents recognize that children’s needs are not only the material things.

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