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I name it FLAME

going through the darkness,,

finding something that really passioning,,

keep running and don’t turning back,,





until u find that u’ll never be there,,

unless U make a fire,,

flaming under ur desire,,

going through the blankness,,

with the eyes shut and the ears hear nothing,,

walking inside the path and beyond the line which is black,,



rolling like a monster,,

rubbing like a gangster,,

Never though that u’ll ever back there,,

unLess U wanna Make another fire,,

RUnning inside of your FLAMing desire,,

This is for Thursday Poets Rally week 28,,


About darkjasm

A woman who loves black and white but stuck in between. a Happy wife, Proud Mother, and an Operational psychologist in the making. Currently loves to write about life and what happen around it. Expect to find many random thoughts in between.

16 comments on “I name it FLAME

  1. “unLess U wanna Make another fire,,
    RUnning inside of your FLAMing desire”

    Nice rhyme!
    NIce meaning..


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  4. Nice to have you in,
    I remember your instant commenting last week,
    keep up the excellence…
    Happy Saturday!
    Scan the participants list first.


  5. making fire could be fun , if you make it divine…

    lovely poem,
    love the word flow, especially the repetition.


  6. Great poem, your words flowed off my tongue. keep up the good work.


  7. Left me breathless…Good job … Nice contribution to Poets Rally.

    Mine is here:


  8. i totally am feelin’ this poem, burning passion and desire is what makes life worth living! yippy!


  9. would’ve written something off but i couldn’t =]



  10. I love the passion and action is this– micely written!


  11. how are you?
    thanks for attending Thursday Poets Rally week 28,
    when you visit other participants, please include your entry link so that they easily visit you back.

    Happy Wednesday!


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  13. http://jinglepoetry.blogspot.com/2010/09/monday-poetry-potluck-kings-queens-and.html

    Hello, friend:

    Monday Poetry Potluck Is NOW open, linking is open from Sunday 8pm to Tuesday, 8pm, welcome join us by linking in 1 to 3 poems, you could use an old poem, the more you share, the happier we are…hurry up!
    Thanks in advance.
    Hope to see you in our lovely potluck…


  14. Inspirational. =] it’d be great for spoken word


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