,,new time of Land,, *just another poem

I waLk aLone

in d daRkness of d Night

wind as d cOmpanion

together we dRied,,

stream in my miNd

bLowing dReams aWay

aLways a sTep intO d DarKness

aLL thingS’Re cOnfusing

sTiLL theRe aLone

I sTand Chagrin,,

a bLiss of a StaR

bLinkS bRightLy Through d SheaR

mOre thaN I can BeaR

instead a tRip to d fEar,,

and I’m neVer been hEre

where d Dust bLind d feaR

I feared d Land

where it’s caLLed a wOndeR,,

,,29 Januari 2009,,

HappY b’daY Jelii

Ruang Sidang II

UpGrading PDR 08-09

Lost in fEar and saDness

I name it FLAME

going through the darkness,,

finding something that really passioning,,

keep running and don’t turning back,,





until u find that u’ll never be there,,

unless U make a fire,,

flaming under ur desire,,

going through the blankness,,

with the eyes shut and the ears hear nothing,,

walking inside the path and beyond the line which is black,,



rolling like a monster,,

rubbing like a gangster,,

Never though that u’ll ever back there,,

unLess U wanna Make another fire,,

RUnning inside of your FLAMing desire,,

This is for Thursday Poets Rally week 28,,