..as an Indonesian Living Life

dear government of Indonesia,,

for this once, I stand along with u,,

will u stand up?

entah bagaimana, tapi aku setuju dengan kebijakan penaikan bea impor film!

bukan, bukan karena aku gak suka nonton film hollywood, watching movie or go to the movie theater are my kind of therapy!

bukan, bukan juga karena belakangan ini aku udah jarang ke bioskop in order to preserve my money!


karena dengan begini, Indonesia sudah mulai menunjukkan taringnya kepada dunia bahwa Indonesia ini adalah negara yang berdaulat, bukan negara yang bisa didikte macam-macam,,

and people,,

would u please read more and more and love your country more?

jangan jadi agen kapitalisme global ya,,


my know-nothing-but-really-want-to-speak-up side

About darkjasm

A woman who loves black and white but stuck in between. a Happy wife, Proud Mother, and an Operational psychologist in the making. Currently loves to write about life and what happen around it. Expect to find many random thoughts in between.

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