Kara addicted!

It’s been so long that i haven’t post anything here, my bad.. i’m sorry..

These couple of days, i’ve read Kara‘s blog and i’m very impressed! i love how she write anything happen in her days, i just love it! I don’t know why, maybe because i’ve experienced many things that happen to her too. i love her writing style, so easy-reading and somehow i sort of feel like i’m attached to her, like we have been friends for many years! yes! It is the power of honest writing…


I envy Kara for it, how she write and where her life is heading right now.

I want to be able to write anything like her, i really want to make my blog enjoyable for everyone, but it’s hard, very hard indeed, because i simply find that write a story is much harder than writing a poem to express my feeling, to expose what happen in my daily life.

Whenever I want to write, I want it to be perfect and it made me stuck! i can’t find a “wow” start and an amazing ending so the story will never pass my mind and get blowed by the wind into nowhere…


i need to commit to myself to write more often and write everything..

there’s no need to be perfect to express ourselves, there’s no need to be perfect to enjoy our lives, as long as you are honest to yourself, then everyone will enjoy your stories… just like Kara..


well done Kara, well done! *even we’ve never met yet, thank you for your stories*

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