I Write, because..

I never know that writing need a cause. I simply love to write.

Since my childhood time, I write about anything. Like any little girl, I owned a diary filled with my emotions. I was a pretty dark girl: stormy mood, full of anger and shyness, not a good combination. My diary was full with stories about how I mad at someone or how something depressed me – any negative emotion, really. Channeling my negative emotions through diary was succeed in making me calm, so anybody back then knew me as an ordinary smiley girl.

I remember one day, I had enough of my self: I climbed a tree and burned my diary. That day was the last day I have a diary about my hatred. I moved on and started to write fiction – mostly about falling in love, maybe my teenager hormones finally got to me and love was all over my mind. I’ve made a new diary that full of my feeling – this time, a positive one, the lovey dovey of my teenager time.

Accepted in a University far away from home, I found a new world and a new channel to express my thought. Mixed feeling and structured mind are now my best friend, while shyness was still my biggest draw back. As a psychology student, public speaking should have been easy because it is a mandatory thing for us, but I was struggling to master it. Blog was my practice field. I tried to build an alter ego as a nice and speak-up girl. My blog was my paradise.

And now, after all this time, blog is still a big part of my life. I write because I want to save memories. I want to be able to trace my past, not just about where I have been or who I have met, but also how I have improved throughout these years. I write because I need to proof my existence. I write therefore I am.

October Wishlist + ToDoList

#1 Oxford University

.pic taken from here.

#2 Iphone 4s or iPad 2?

.pic taken from here.

#3 Trench Coat + Boots..




…. for winter? lol

#4 Writing..

.grab it here.

..either hand-writing or typing

#5 Start serious business!

.grab it here.

Please wish me luck..

Kara addicted!

It’s been so long that i haven’t post anything here, my bad.. i’m sorry..

These couple of days, i’ve read Kara‘s blog and i’m very impressed! i love how she write anything happen in her days, i just love it! I don’t know why, maybe because i’ve experienced many things that happen to her too. i love her writing style, so easy-reading and somehow i sort of feel like i’m attached to her, like we have been friends for many years! yes! It is the power of honest writing…


I envy Kara for it, how she write and where her life is heading right now.

I want to be able to write anything like her, i really want to make my blog enjoyable for everyone, but it’s hard, very hard indeed, because i simply find that write a story is much harder than writing a poem to express my feeling, to expose what happen in my daily life.

Whenever I want to write, I want it to be perfect and it made me stuck! i can’t find a “wow” start and an amazing ending so the story will never pass my mind and get blowed by the wind into nowhere…


i need to commit to myself to write more often and write everything..

there’s no need to be perfect to express ourselves, there’s no need to be perfect to enjoy our lives, as long as you are honest to yourself, then everyone will enjoy your stories… just like Kara..


well done Kara, well done! *even we’ve never met yet, thank you for your stories*