…on Friend and Friendship

“Books! And cleverness! There are more important things ‚Äď friendship and bravery”

– Hermione Granger

Every Potterhead like me must have been dreaming about having friends and friendship like what Harry had in his journey, but our reality is different from Harry’s reality because we are living in this boring muggle’s universe. Friendship is carved not just popped. Friends need to be made through one or more live-saving or truth-facing incidents.

We’ve been through many stages in our lives, still in one stage and will face many stages in the future. Every stages bring its own experience that sometime with an extended package, it introduce us to people that will stay in our heart and labeled as friend (some will labeled as best-friend-forever).

Since I am a huge fan of Erikson’s Psychosocial Development Theory, I will take his perspective on this post. According to Erikson, I am now in Early Adulthood Stage which crisis is intimacy vs isolation. Characteristics of this stage is we are able to reach out and connect with others and the favorable outcome is become intimate with someone and work toward career.

As an early adult, we are given the liberty of adult but also the responsibility. Our responsibility as an adult is not only for ourselves but also for the community. Society will push us to have a job, career, occupation, passion, or any other name of it. Beside having an income to support our lives, society will begin to push us to have a spouse or significant other, especially if you live in a country like mine where a woman is supposed to get married around 25yo.

According to what Erikson has said about this stage, someone need to acquire a sense of intimacy by accepting oneself and fusing one personality with others in order to accept others. It is the hard part of being an adult with many responsibilities. Sometime we tend to forget that we need someone or even a community to back us up when we are down. We are in a very productive age so we think that we need to pursue our dream as hard as we can even if we have to let many people disappointed at us in the process. As an adult, we are joining the world full of intrigues and hidden agendas, even ourselves had one or two. If we forget the basic principle of making friend and just building a relationship in a very manipulative way, we will have friends but we still won’t sense the intimacy.

Friendship is based on a mutual feeling. People will stick to someone who treasure their presence, because unrequited love is really tiring.


Woody Woodpecker #3 : Jodohku

So.. back to Woody woodpecker adventure in Yogyakarta, many stories left to tell..

Salah seorang petualang bernama DekLys, beliau baru pertama kali berpetualang bersama 2 orang petualang yang lain (yang berdua sudah sering pergi bersama). Seperti para anggota baru lainnya, she became a perfect victim to be trolled. lol

Berawal dari ketidaksengajaan, I was just taking picture in This Gambir Station and when I was capturing DekLys, the pic I took lead us to assume that dekLys has found her “Jodoh” dan timbullah ide bahwa perjalanan kali ini adalah perjalanan dekLys menemukan “jodohkuuu” *sing an Anang hermansyah Song*

Disclaimer :

Kami tidak mengenal para pria di Foto, mereka hanya pria kurang beruntung yang tak sengaja berada di dekat kami. ūüėÄ

have fun seeing the photos!

the first one..

The first one is at Gambir Station, we know nothing about that man, just passsing by.. ūüėÄ

the second..

This one is a phenomenon, dia tidur dari kereta belum berangkat sampai kereta berhenti di Yogyakarta, cuma bangun ketika ada barang jatuh dan menyingkap rahasia dibalik selimutnya.. hmm *misterius*

please don’t look at DekLys lips,, please.. :p
it’s too sexy to be true

We know this man,, it’s the most heartbreaking moment for DekLys to be apart from him, to say a farewell.. hehee

too bad dekLys could only found 3 "jodoh" in this jorney.. *sigh*

*peace ah.. ampun ya DekLys..



Random Afternoon FB Chat

..31 Desember 2010..

in the afternoon, i had a great chat with one of my old friend,,

kinda enlighten for me,,

i hope u all enjoy it,,

i hope he doesn’t mind if i post it out here,,

so #random, but I like this kind of conversation,,


–signed in–

Him (14:25) : hui!

Me    (14:29) : hiu!

Him (14:30) : uih!

Me    (14:40) : ihu!

Him (14:40) : uhi!

Me    (14:40) : iuh!

Him (14:40) : sampe kapan ini dipanjangin?lol

Me    (15:15) : sampai malam di yogyaaaaaa,,

Him (15:18) : sampai kita tinggal kita berdua yang hidup di bumi

Me    (15:20) : sampai jumpa lagi,,

Him (15:20) : sampaikan salamku padanya

Me    (15:21) : pada rumput yang terdiam tak ditemani angin?

Him (15:22) : pada jiwa-jiwa kosong yang rindu pada hari minggu.

Me    (15:23) : pada hari-hari padat yang berhiaskan kabut kelam?

Him  (15:26) : yang perlahan-lahan mengkebiri definisi mereka sebagai manusia.

Me     (15:27): sukarela menyerah pada dewa maut bertopeng harta,,

Him (15:28) : tidak harus mati untuk hidup lebih lama.

Me    (15:30) : terkadang harus mencecap maut untuk merasakan hidup

Him  (15:31) : goalnya dialog kita ini apa sih sebenarnya?hahaha

Me    (15:32) : mungkin untuk melengkapi defisit gol Indonesia kmrn,,

Him (15:32) : I like your mind. for real.

Me    (15:33) : chaotic mind, maksudnya?? bingung mw seneng apa sedih,,

Him (15:34) : the corner you standing on. I like it. The angle you take the words as a pict. masalah maya apa lagi yang kamu anggap nyata?

Me   (15:36) : sometime i just love to live in my own mind,, in my dream,,

Him (15:36) : me too

Me    (15:36) : coz i feel safe there,,

Him (15:36) : absolutely. tidak butuh gejolak hormonal yang bertubi2 untuk bercinta dengan diri sendiri.

Me    (15:37) : agree on that,,

Him¬†(15:38) :¬†I know u would agree, that’s why i said i like your mind.

Me    (15:39) : lebih baik diabaikan daripada diintervensi,, for me,, ^malah curcol^ hahaha

Him (15:40) : bener. intervensi terbukti sebagai penyebab umum konflik. dan konflik 1 akan membidani lahirnya konflik selanjutnya.

Me     (15:41) : yup,, terkadang ada hal yang lebih baik diabaikan daripada diperdebatkan,,

Him  (15:42) : banyak hal sepertinya.

Me ¬† ¬† (15:43) :¬†hahaha,, kalo diterusin gak bakal selesai ini,, :))¬†daku siapsiap mw balik dulu yaaa,,¬†nice chat!¬†goodbye for a while,,¬†see you in another dream,,¬†yours or mine isn’t matter,,¬†as long as it’s in a dream,,¬†we’ll safe,,

Him (15:45) : take care.

Me    (15:45) : knickknock! take care too!

Him¬†(15:45) :¬†admire the dreams but don’t escape the reality my friend..

Me    (15:45) : yup,, working d reality is my side job,, haa

Him¬†(15:46) :¬†hahahahaha¬†hati2 jadi freak…hahaha

Me    (15:46) : peringatan anda sudah terlambat teman,, itulah knapa saya masuk psikologi,, ah sudahlah,, dadaaaaahhh,,

–signed out–