Four Hearts

I’ve just realized that I’ve taken them for granted. It’s like I know that they will always have my back whenever I need them. It should not be that way. It should’ve been a two-way relationship.

I woke up this morning feeling a little melancholic. I couldn’t exactly figure what is missing, but I am sure that I missed something. Waking up to a hole in my heart, that even my mind couldn’t comprehend the exact emotion, was not a great way to start a day; especially when you have to tend to a super active ‘cool boy’ (quoted directly from the boy).

Usually, I will recover from my morning sadness by doing chores and reading for my study. However, today was one of the unusual days for me, so I have to endure the strange emotion for a whole morning. Until I saw my friend’s story about his accident on his way to his office. Memories from my high school suddenly become the focal point of my mind. I remember three people that helped me navigate my teenage rage. He was one of those people. Bits and pieces with them flooding my mind.

The first flashback moment that I remember was when this particular person had an accident while we were in our high school year. It was quite bad. It is like I could still smell the hospital ward he was nursed. I remember how we sneak our way in and smuggled salad from a particular pizza parlour. Also, how we hid the mirror so he couldn’t find out how bad his condition was. The worst is that the anxiety I felt that day also came back, that is why I was so anxious about his recent accident.

After that moment, each of those three person’s face came to my mind. We were just catching up last week, but my longing for their presence, complete with their quirk humour, feel more real today. It feels so real it hurts; I couldn’t even put it into a sentence and tell them how I miss them directly. I need an outlet, so I write this for them and for me. I hope they will understand how much I miss them and how much I treasure their friendship.

We were brought together by our Scout activities: two girls and two boys, acting like we owned the world (especially the Scout world). We know each other family as we always annoyed them with our constant presence (or lack thereof ๐Ÿ˜†). We’ve been through ups and downs together. We never actually articulate it, but we just know that we love each other deeply.

Moments we shared are countless, yet it is also priceless at the same time. Even more so after we all led our separate lives.

I could still remember our talk one night, in the backyard of the house of one of us. We were thinking about our future selves. Dreaming about what we want to be, and where we are in several years later. Naively, one of us said that he will be the Chief of the Indonesian Scout Movement. His statement is so absurd that I forget what the others were saying that night.

Another moment that comes to my mind is the sleep-deprived weeks of reactivating a District Council in our school area. Funny thing that the most memorable moment is when I left the boys to work overnight in my house accompanied by my father, while I was fast asleep in my room.

I know the girl in our group the longest. We met when she was still in elementary school; she led her scout group proudly (that perceived as smug by us, the middle schooler). Not a chance of believing that we will be the best friend in just two years after that. 2001 was the year we finally could call each other ‘best friend’. We were young and naive, fooled by boys and men (especially me :sigh:) . The boys and men came and go, but we stand together. As close as ever, until those two came to invade our little circle.

Two became Four: much for other people’s resentment.

Unfortunately, our lives drifted us apart. This is the saddest part. We were acting like we have forever, while forever will never be ours. There were many stolen moments between us, many unspoken feelings, many regrets for our misunderstanding of each other, many things left unfinished. At least for me.

However, my biggest regret is that I have taken them for granted. For most of the time, I was full of my self. I ignore their warning, I avoid their inquiry. In the end, I know that they just want to save me from future regrets, and just like any best friend do, they were still there when I finally comprehend their trail of thoughts.

It is misguided to tell that we were always close after adulthood came upon us. It is a lie to state that our lives are still full of each other. We all have had our own life, our own little family, and we were not always talk to each other. As a matter of fact, we were rarely talking to each other. Sometimes, we weren’t aware of what happens to others. Nevertheless, when we see each other and talk to each other, it is like we never been separate; it is like we still understand each other.

Writing this made me realize that I don’t spend enough time with them. I grew apart from them prematurely. I didn’t spare enough attention for them while I was busy becoming someone that is not me. I was too busy to escape my own fear that I failed to recognize that I should’ve reached out to them and come clean about my trouble. I wasn’t entirely ‘present’ on their special days. I didn’t appreciate and love them enough. I feel like I’ve failed them.

Fortunately, they all live their lives fully now. They have found their ‘happily ever after’ love stories. They are content and happy. That is what matter. I just hope that they know that I love them so much, and I really miss them. This time I promise to be there anytime they need me, and I intend to keep my promise. I don’t want to lose them again.

This is for you three:

Our talk, our jokes, our mischiefs, are our memories.
Moments we spent together have melted into the subconscious.
Memories become vague;
Moments become rare;
Talking is now a luxury that we don't always have.

Those thousand minutes are now also a thousand minutes old.
Secrets could no more be fully kept and shared.
Laughter and tears are now rarely heard.
Nevertheless, we stand at each other side.

We become the memories.
We devour our memories,
Because the feeling remains real.

I am grateful for the love,
I am grateful for the friendship,
I am grateful to have you in my life,
I am grateful for the three of you.

Thank you!


The Dark Jasmine

Chasing The Sun

Happy National Movie Day!

I remember one Indonesia Movie that trigger my emotional memory. That movie is “Mengejar Matahari” (literally translated as Chasing the Sun). This movie is about 4 boys with an amazing friendship which is built through years since their childhood time. Their friendship is in danger when they grow up with one traumatic event, and they tend to go in separate way. Through many challenges and how their future turn out to be, they finally find their way to each other again and could do their favorite past time moment, which is chasing the sun.

Casts of this movie is really good, both in acting and in their looks. This is the first reason I admire Fauzi Baadillah and I still do at this time. Their on-set friendship somehow look very realistic and could have experienced by many of us. The movie taught me that friendship is a fragile thing but if it’s really meant to be, it will find its way back, no matter what happen or what our future need us to be, we will always have one another.


Do you know why this movie could trigger my feeling? It’s because who I watched this with and how we relate to this movie. I watched this one with my all time favorite people: i, Wau and Koemp (I have this post dedicated for them).. Honestly, I couldn’t recall perfectly whether I really watched this movie with them or just i or that I wished I had watch it with them, either way, every time I hear the soundtrack of this movie, I am longing for their presence.

Our future turn out to be like this. We hardly ever seen one another now, yet talking over night like we used to be. Many big days past without us being together, especially me, I have been such a miserable friend, I can’t attend Koemp’s wedding day, I haven’t see Auw’s cute little angel and I miss talking with i. I have been busy because my life has been very messy and I feel trashy, much like Damar in this movie. I have been so hard to my self lately and I miss loosen up with you three.

Do you know what people told us about a great movie? A great movie is a movie that effecting people’s life, preferably in positive way. “Mengejar Matahari” has big impact to my life. It showed me that no matter what person we turn out to be, our best friend will always welcome us and our hearts will feel like we are at home again.

“Ada teman-teman di masa kecil kita. Ada teman-teman di masa remaja kita. Ada teman-teman di masa tua kita. Ada sahabat-sahabat untuk selamanya” – Mengejar Matahari

Teruntuk Mas @EdotNo


Saya suka bingung kalau disuruh mengungkapkan isi hati pakai Bahasa Indonesia..

Bukan karena saya belagu atau songong, tapi saya merasa kalau pakai bahasa Indonesia itu makna kata-katanya lebih menusuk ke hati, jadinya saya harus benar-benar memilih kata dengan tepat…biar semuanya makin meresap dan sampai pada orang yang tepat.


Jadi.. karena ini request khusus, jadilah saya memutar isi kepala untuk memilih kata-kata yang cukup aman untuk ditulis di sini.. hehehe (abisnya pilihan yang di kasi hanya Bahasa Indonesia atau Bahasa Jawa, Bahasa Jawa saya kan levelnya masih di bawah permukaan laut)

Pertama kali ketemu 14 Februari 2010, sudah 4 tahun yang lalu… Tengah malam gelap gulita, bahkan nama aja kita baru hapal beberapa hari kemudian ya mas.. :p Sampai satu bulan setelah itu, yang ada dipikiran kita cuma bagaimana bisa selamat dari tempat gelap gulita itu. Baru mulai dekat setelah berjauhan beberapa bulan kemudian.

Kalau bercerita mengenai Mas Edh, pasti post ini akan jadi panjang dan tak selesai-selesai, karena terlalu banyak kenangan untuk di gambarkan kembali di sini. Beberapaย hal yang saya ingat dari sosok Mas Edh, yang mungkin teman-teman yang lain juga akan setuju adalah dapat di percaya dan penuh perhatian. Mas Edh adalah tipe orang yang akan selalu ada bagi teman-temannya ketika kami sedang butuh seseorang untuk menggalau bersama, walaupun Mas Edh sedikit terlupakan ketika kami sedang bahagia. *peace*

Sekarang, Mas Edh udah menempuh hidup baru, bersama Mbak Nia..ย Mas Edh bukan lagi milik bersama, tapi saya yakin nggak ada yang berubah dari sosok Mas Edhi yang seperti bintang, tak selalu terlihat, tapi akan selalu ada menghiasi langit yang gelap absolut. *mulai Ngaco*

Dari cerita saya di atas, mungkin akan banyak yang berpendapat bahwa Mbak Nia beruntung menjadi isterinya Mas Edh, tapi menurut saya yang lumayan sering mengganggu ketenangan hidupnya Mas edh, Mas Edhi lah yang beruntung menjadi suaminya Mbak Nia. Walaupun kita baru ketemu satu kali, saya yakin Mbak Nia akan bisa membuat hidup Mas Edh lebih berwarna karena Mbak Nia dari sudut pengamatan saya yang kadang ngawur ini adalah seorang wanita luar biasa yang punya tekad kuat dan selalu dapat melihat sisi positif kehidupan. Mbak Nia menurut saya adalah seseorang yang dapat menutupi semua kekurangan Mas Edhi, terutama kalau lagi ngobrol, Mbak Nia pasti selalu dapat mencairkan suasan karena Mas Edh agak kaku-kaku gimana gitu.. ๐Ÿ˜†

IMG_5538_resize copy

Selamat menempuh hidup baru Mas Edhi dan Mbak Nia..

Walaupun mungkin masa-masa awal terasa sulit, saya yakin kalian orang-orang hebat yang mampu melewatinya dengan tawa dan canda..

Semoga “Sakinah Bersama” dapat terwujud dan kalian selamanya dalam kebahagiaan dan Ridha Allah..

Love You Both!


for a Beautiful Bride

Nearly 15 years ago, I met a girl, using round eye-glasses for her sharp eyes with a short hair that gave her a “tough” person image.

Our first encounter was in Muhibbah Camp and she was a troop leader. An elementary school girl with lots of Scouting experiences. We weren’t friendly back then because of our troop had some kind of hard feeling that I couldn’t recalled why.

One year later, when I was in my second year of junior high school, We met again. She was a first year and when we were in our weekly scout meeting, she was already a star because she knew our trainer very well. Nope, we weren’t friend yet but the hard feeling is over, we started fresh and nice “hi” relationship.

National Scout Jamboree was the reason of our forever-last friendship. We were the only female delegates from our school and turned out that her families were old friends of my parents. After the Jamboree, we’ve been through many journeys together, Ranger Scout National Championship was one of the event that made our bond became stronger (this is the way I use darkjasm as my nick, you could read about it here. She is the leader of the Jasmine Troop). We went to the same senior high school, one year apart but we went to different university. Distance was not and never will be an obstacle in our friendship. We remained strong during the university time, even we weren’t talking to each other every day, we always knew that we have each other.

She was a born leader. I adore her for her amazing personality. She is the one that I can always count if anything happen to me. She is a pearl for me. I am blessed to have her in my life and much more blessed to call her my best friend.

Last week supposed to be the a happy week for her. Human can only plan, God will do the rest. Her father passed away a day before her wedding. I know right there that I need to be with her, maybe she is tough enough to deal it on her own, since I am the lamest one between us, not her, but I know that the least I could do to return all the favor that she has done to me is to be with her in that saddest moment of her life.

The wedding ceremony was held with many adjustments, because her family believe that her father would not approve if the wedding to be delayed. 25th of January, Jeliria Karniawati, my best friend is now someone’s wife, Deny Rendra‘s wife to be exact.

My beautiful girl turned to be a very beautiful bride.
I know that Papa really loves you and I know that he saw how beautiful you were on your wedding dress.
I love you to the end of the galaxy!

Happy Birthday to you, my beloved best friend.. I am still amazed that you could handle me gently for such a long time, because I know I am a hard person to befriend.

Thank you for being my best friend.
I wish the very best wishes for your new life, Mrs Idhen.. ๐Ÿ˜†
The tenth Jasmine
ps. Just found out that the daily post is also about a BFF.
…I don’t know why I couldn’t upload the photos, always get the error notif. Will be uploading it soon.

Mumbling #4

Bekerja di lingkungan yang dulu paling saya hindari membuat diri saya mempertanyakan banyak hal pada diri saya sendiri. Mempertanyakan kenapa saya tidak bisa lebih tegas atau kenapa saya tidak bisa dari dulu melakukan sesuatu demi masa depan yang sesuai dengan impian saya.

Kembali pada saat ini, saya seringkali membuat diri saya terjebak dalam situasi yang tidak saya inginkan, dan sering pula ketika saya memaksakan hal yang saya inginkan, yang saya temui hanya tembok yang semakin membuat saya ingin melebur menjadi debu.

Kemarin saya mengalami lagi hal yang persis saya alami satu tahun yang lalu. Persis di bulan yang sama. Saya mencoba mengkompromikan impian saya dengan keadaan saya saat ini, dan sekali lagi saya gagal.

Banyak orang yang bilang jika kita tidak merasa bahagia dengan apa yang kita lakukan saat ini, maka lebih baik kita berhenti saat itu juga. Saya sempat beberapa kali ingin mengundurkan diri dari realita saya saat ini, tetapi ketika saya ingat kembali alasan klise saya berada disini, maka saya masih tetap bisa menelan ludah dan meyakinkan diri untuk bertahan. Tapi sampai berapa lama? Apakah sampai saya tidak lagi ingat siapa saya dan apa yang ingin saya capai dalam hidup saya?

Mengapa begitu berat saya untuk keluar dari zona yang sebenarnya tidak nyaman ini? saya tidak punya alasan pasti selain keyakinan bahwa Allah tidak akan memberikan sesuatu yang sia-sia pada makhluknya. Mungkin banyak orang yang mencibir saya yang mengatakan saya hanya bisa mengeluh tanpa tindakan nyata untuk keluar dari lingkaran ini, dan saya tidak bisa menyatakan bahwa mereka sepenuhnya salah karena sebagian diri saya juga ikut sinis.

Pertimbangan-pertimbangan dan kontemplasi-kontemplasi yang terjadi dalam pikiran saya rasanya tidak pernah usai. Pikiran saya terus mencari jalan untuk setidaknya saya merasakan kebahagiaan yang tulus dari keadaan saya saat ini. Keinginan muluk saya tentu saja bahwa saya bisa mengubah lingkungan saya saat ini agar tidak ada orang lain yang mengalami apa yang saya alami. Jalan itu tentu tidak sebentar dan tidak mudah dan saya tidak yakin apakah saya dapat bertahan, karena saat ini saja rasanya saya mulai kehilangan pegangan hidup.

Adalah beberapa hal yang membuat saya bertahan dan menjadi basis realita saya. Senyuman Papa, Kehangatan teman dan keluarga serta para teman-teman SMA saya. Mereka benar-benar oase dalam zona ketidaknyamanan ini. Mereka selalu berhasil menyentil saya untuk berhenti dari kekalutan dan sejenak bersyukur dan menata kembali hati dan tujuan saya. Saya tahu mereka tidak sadar pentingnya mereka bagi saya. Seperti saat ini, ketika impian saya kembali di”hancur”kan, mereka membuat saya mengerti bahwa sesuatu itu di”hancur”kan agar kita dapat membangun yang baru dengan perencanaan yang lebih matang dan lebih mendekati kesempurnaan.

a Thank You note

Satu bulan kemarin rasanya aku hidup di negeri impian, dimana aku bisa kembali memasuki dunia yang aku senangi, dunia dimana pikiran ini serasa berpesta dan raga ini serasa melayang bahagia.

Minggu lalu, semua kebahagiaan itu direnggut paksa, dan aku sedihnya tak bisa berbuat apa-apa, hanya bisa melihat ia pergi tanpa daya.

Kini aku kembali ke dunia yang aku merasa tak pernah cocok untuk ku, demi kebahagiaan orang tua, demi kebahagiaan orang-orang penting lainnya.

Aku menulis ini bukan untuk mengeluh atau mengumpat. Aku menulis ini untuk mengenang masa bahagia yang sangat singkat.

Setidaknya aku telah membuktikan aku mampu, namun keadaan yang tak memungkinkan.

Setidaknya aku lega karena telah mencoba dan nekad melakukan hal yang menurut orang lain gila.

Setidaknya aku tak merasa begitu tertekan karena telah memberikan kesempatan pikiranku untuk kembali makan dan bekerja sesuai kemampuannya.

Terima kasih untuk kalian yang singgah dalam kepingan waktu kehidupanku yang lain. Aku menyesali tak bisa mengenal kalian lebih jauh, mungkin nanti di suatu saat di masa datang kita bisa menjalin kisah lain dengan setting yang lain. Terima kasih kalian telah mengajarkan aku untuk menghargai waktuku yang singkat, terimakasih untuk menemani aku kembali belajar dan menyadarkan bahwa aku bisa melakukan lebih dari yang selama ini aku lakukan. Terimakasih untuk pelajaran yang banyak dalam waktu yang singkat ini, terimakasih… walaupun mungkin kalian tak akan begitu mengingatku kelak, atau malah mengingatku sebagai orang yang hilang di tengah perjuangan, mungkin suatu saat kalian akan mengerti betapa perjalanan singkat bersama kalian ini sangat berarti dan berdampak besar dalam hidupku.

Terimakasih rekan-rekan KLD 19.. Good Bye and See you around..

freaked out with @mmphee and @dadi182

I would die everyday, waiting for you…

- Thousand years, Christina Perri and David Hodges

Many people say that we won’t treasure something so much if we never feel how pain is to lose them. Losing is pain, yes, and i’ve befriended pain for so long time, but this time, I won’t write about pain, i’ll write about joy and happiness.

For many people, Ramadhan is one precious gift from Allah for humankind, and Ramadhan always has its own charm for me. One of the many things that Ramadhan could give us is chance to share something, not because you can’t share in the other 11 months, but Ramadhan always makes it easier to happen.

Sharing togetherness with my friend is my own precious remedy, especially after all the “higher education drama”, meet up with my friends can somehow cure the pain.

I always love being around my high school classmates, I don’t know why but I feel so relax when i’m with them… (back in school, I used to be their little sister because of my age and I also has unique name for some of them whom really close to me!)

Ramadhan this year bring me back to them, closer.. Last night, I meet two of them, and I suddenly realize how much I miss them, how much i miss my old classmate! This feeling is somehow warming my heart, so instead of feeling pain after losing something, I learn that we also can feel how we miss something if the “thing” is coming back to you.. and yes, I feel like I would die everyday, waiting for you.. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for great night last night a’ @dadi182 and Kav @mmphee, you both rock my Ramadhan this year!

..please enjoy our freak reunion..

location: Grand Indonesia (dinner @ Blacksteer)

Starring : Fitrisia (@mmphee) a.k.a Kakav from Kakavivi

Kakav is in the left..

She is really smart academically, but unfortunately she is a kind of “slow loading” person that we used to make fun of… (she will laugh at something funny in class after we finish laughing at it! and oh yes, she had a twin in this unique situation, name Rinda Airin). Graduate form Electricity Engineering of Bandung Institute of Technology makes her really loves Bandung and no wonder that she spend most of her holiday in Bandung (she get 2 days holiday after 3 days at work, how lucky!)

also starring “the star of this reunion” : Dadi Agung Putra (@dadi182) a.k.a a’Bandel

This gentleman is also smart and after 1 year not seeing each other, I realize that nothing has changed in his appearance, just as handsome as usual. He has biggest obsession for Blink 182 till now that make him always add 182 in almost all of his nicks! last night reunion revealed that he is now truly “Anak Gaul Jakarta”, hahaha, I guess it’s because he is graduated from Industrial Engineering of University of Indonesia.

and here are the freakompilations



23 years of life..


Alhamdulillah for all the things happened in my life, i couldn’t ask for more wonderful life then mine..

it’s all I could live for and it’s what i’m grateful for..


earlier this night, I got surprise cake from my best friends, flour and egg bathing in the middle of the night, frozen because of it!

feel so blessed, having wonderful friends like them..

Banyak luka, duka dan suka sudah kita lalui bersama.. semuanya penuh cerita, tentang saling percaya, tentang yang menganiaya, tentang semua, semua cinta yang kita bagi bersama..

Belum lama sih mengenal kalian, tapi selalu merasa beruntung punya kalian, ada yang selalu bisa diandalkan, walau itu hanya untuk sekedar perlu pelampiasan.. ๐Ÿ™‚

i love you all!

*would like to mention you all here, but it’s kinda too risky to be done, you remain in my heart, forever!* *ketjup* *baca doa tolak bala*


Tiap tahun kita akan melewati “hari ulang tahun” dimana orang-orang memperlakukan kita dengan cara berbeda, dan aku suka itu.. entah memperlakukan dengan istimewa, atau malah sengaja dibuat kecewa, yang jelas akan selalu bahagia.. ๐Ÿ™‚

*can’t stop smiling*

bagiku, hingga hari ini sudah 23 kali hari ulang tahun kulalui..

tahun-tahun pertama kehidupanku dipenuhi dengan papa, mama, kakak dan keluarga dekat saja..

walaupun hingga tamat SD selalu diadakan perayaan oleh mama papa, tapi entah siapa yang datang pun aku sudah tak ingat lagi, hanya sekelebat bayangan keramaian yang membekas. *cuma kue mama yang masih terasa lezatnya di lidah*

Mulai menginjak SMP, mulai mengenal persahabatan. Di awali dengan teman-teman dekat rumah dan akhirnya aku malah lebih dekat dengan teman di sekolah, karena memang sebagian waktu dihabiskan di sekolah.

Saat SMP aku mengenal teman-teman yang bisa menjadi sahabat yang tak lekang oleh waktu, ada yang hingga kini bertahan selalu bersama walau tak lagi kita sering bertatap muka, *padahal kita satu kota ya, Mit? miss you, hiks*, ada yang karena bersama di Pramuka, membuat kami sangat memahami satu sama lain, luar biasa rasanya mempunyai sahabat seperti mereka, benar-benar bisa saling mengerti tanpa mesti bicara.. ๐Ÿ™‚ amazing friends full of miracle… nambah satu ya dari Pramuka di zaman SMA?? ๐Ÿ™‚ *tribute to Xaiank, Cinta dan Kump + Kak Q*

Teman sekelas di kelas 2 SMA adalah teman-teman yang paling berharga buat saya, karena mereka yang membantu saya melewati masa terberat dalam kehidupan saya..

saat saya berulang tahun yang ke 15 tahun di tahun 2003, saya tak bisa lagi merasakan nikmatnya kue ulang tahun buatan mama lagi, karena persis 5 hari sebelum saya berulang tahun mama telah tiada… namun memiliki teman-teman yang penuh kasih itu membuat saya tetap bisa merasakan sedikit kebahagiaan di masa tergelap hidup saya.

…29 September 2003…

bel istirahat berbunyi, tapi sang ketua kelas menutup pintu kelas agar tidak ada yang keluar kelas dengan alasan ada yang kehilangan uang lagi (beberapa minggu sebelumnya hal ini pernah terjadi juga di kelas) sehingga dia ingin me”razia” isi tas kami.. tapi ternyata malah Black Forest Cake yang muncul dihadapan saya… saya terharu, tak menyangka mereka akan sangat perhatian pada saya.. itu benar-benar titik dimana saya akhirnya percaya bahwa saya mampu menjalani hidup meski tak bersama mama…

mungkin bagi Spregen 8 (nama kelas saya saat itu) apa yang mereka lakukan tidak begitu berarti bagi mereka, atau itu hal yang biasa mereka lakukan, tapi bagi saya, itu sangat berarti dan momen terindah dalam hidup saya.. mereka menunjukkan kepada saya bahwa mereka masih menyayangi saya dan tidak memandang saya dengan berbeda setelah saya kehilangan mama.. saat itu saya yakin mereka akan selalu ada jika saya membutuhkan mereka, dan itu terbukti hingga saat ini.. mereka teman yang sangat berarti dalam hidup saya, walaupun mereka mungkin tak menyadarinya… dan saat itulah saya bertekad kalau saya juga akan selalu ada jika mereka membutuhkan… I do really miss you all guys!

and then I went to Yogya… for my university years! great years there, great years!

another adventure, another bunch of friends, but still.. they remain as amazing as my other best friends..

setiap perjalanan hidup saya, saya menjumpai banyak orang, ada yang lekas berlalu, ada yang singgah sebentar dan ada yang memilih untuk tetap tinggal, mungkin bukan dalam wujud nyata, tetapi imaji mereka selalu nyata dalam benak saya.

Gank Asyiq, begitu kami menamakan gerombolan nakal kami.. banyak hal, banyak kenakalan, entah itu nonton hingga larut malam, karaoke hingga tempatnya tutup, atau pulang pagi setelah berangin-anginan di alun-alun kidul.. great time, loves!

ada juga teletubbies di kampus.. sungguh, aku rindu pelukan kalian, my smart and brilliant friends! semoga sukses selalu dikehidupan kalian…

…kini semua kenangan itu masih ada dalam pikiran, selalu mampu menghangatkan hati yang mulai beku, selalu…selalu menghadirkan rasa sendu.. oh kini aku sungguh merindu!

psstt… now i’m waiting for “you”! ๐Ÿ™‚

thanks for the surprise…

-Dimas & Wenny-

once upon a time..

a princess walks in a rhyme..

holding hands with a prince in a dime..

to a chamber where making love is no longer a crime..

one day in the calendar..

colors cover the cellar..

music comforts a heart war..

holding breath till the last bar..

syahdan dalam suatu masa..

mulut tak cukup lancar berkata..

mata tak mampu mengunggap rasa..

saat IJAB telah tiba..

Satu Bulan di Kalender Gregorian..

tepat berhanti di angka sembilan..

hari ke delapan untuk kesakralan..

hari ke sebelas untuk perayaan..

Sebuah masa dalam persahabatan..

saat belia kebersamaan..

saat dewasa penuh dukungan..

saat tua masa kenangan..

..8 September 2011..

ikrar diucap cinta berbalas..

mencapai Ridho Allah harus bergegas..

doa terkirim dengan tangkas..

untuk sahabat yang tak lagi bebas..

saling mengikat semoga tak lepas..

untuk cinta sepanjang hayat yang tak pernah tuntas..

Happy Wedding my dear Dimas & Wenny
tak ada cukup alasan untuk ketidakhadiran
hanya doa yang sanggup terlisan
semoga diberi kemakluman
karena aku turut bahagia bersama kalian…
Jakarta, 8 September 2011

p.s I grabbed it from Dim’s Twitter Profile Pic