freaked out with @mmphee and @dadi182

I would die everyday, waiting for you…

- Thousand years, Christina Perri and David Hodges

Many people say that we won’t treasure something so much if we never feel how pain is to lose them. Losing is pain, yes, and i’ve befriended pain for so long time, but this time, I won’t write about pain, i’ll write about joy and happiness.

For many people, Ramadhan is one precious gift from Allah for humankind, and Ramadhan always has its own charm for me. One of the many things that Ramadhan could give us is chance to share something, not because you can’t share in the other 11 months, but Ramadhan always makes it easier to happen.

Sharing togetherness with my friend is my own precious remedy, especially after all the “higher education drama”, meet up with my friends can somehow cure the pain.

I always love being around my high school classmates, I don’t know why but I feel so relax when i’m with them… (back in school, I used to be their little sister because of my age and I also has unique name for some of them whom really close to me!)

Ramadhan this year bring me back to them, closer.. Last night, I meet two of them, and I suddenly realize how much I miss them, how much i miss my old classmate! This feeling is somehow warming my heart, so instead of feeling pain after losing something, I learn that we also can feel how we miss something if the “thing” is coming back to you.. and yes, I feel like I would die everyday, waiting for you.. 🙂

Thanks for great night last night a’ @dadi182 and Kav @mmphee, you both rock my Ramadhan this year!

..please enjoy our freak reunion..

location: Grand Indonesia (dinner @ Blacksteer)

Starring : Fitrisia (@mmphee) a.k.a Kakav from Kakavivi

Kakav is in the left..

She is really smart academically, but unfortunately she is a kind of “slow loading” person that we used to make fun of… (she will laugh at something funny in class after we finish laughing at it! and oh yes, she had a twin in this unique situation, name Rinda Airin). Graduate form Electricity Engineering of Bandung Institute of Technology makes her really loves Bandung and no wonder that she spend most of her holiday in Bandung (she get 2 days holiday after 3 days at work, how lucky!)

also starring “the star of this reunion” : Dadi Agung Putra (@dadi182) a.k.a a’Bandel

This gentleman is also smart and after 1 year not seeing each other, I realize that nothing has changed in his appearance, just as handsome as usual. He has biggest obsession for Blink 182 till now that make him always add 182 in almost all of his nicks! last night reunion revealed that he is now truly “Anak Gaul Jakarta”, hahaha, I guess it’s because he is graduated from Industrial Engineering of University of Indonesia.

and here are the freakompilations



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