Magical May

..pardon me for this very late update about my magical may.

This last 15.05.15, I finally got MARRIED!

*tears overload*

For many people who follow our journey from the beginning, they will understand how long and bumpy our road to marriage, but I will only cherish the happiness about this amazing month in my life.

We were celebrating two cultures in our wedding ceremony. Our series of events started with “Malam Berinai” (a malay tradition to apply henna to the bride and the groom) which held in the night before our “Aqad nikah” (Islamic Wedding Vow). The day after the Aqad, we held our first wedding reception in malay culture with malay music and wedding dress. This first reception was held in Pekanbaru, Riau Province in 16.05.15. I finally succeed pouring my love of black and white as my wedding theme, with a little grey here and there.

Three days after the first reception, me and my husband went to Bali for our honeymoon.. (I will dedicate another post about it)

At may 30, we held our second wedding reception in Depok, West Java (my husband’s hometown), this time celebrating Sundanese Culture.

I am so grateful for our magical may, for everyone that help us through ups and downs, for everything magical which has happened and of course for the Gracious of our Lord, Allah SWT. Alhamdulillah.

Here are some remarks from my magical may, may the happiness also be yours!


Malam Berinai


Aqad Nikah


The Wedding Reception

Venue: Bhayangkara Building, Pekanbaru, Riau Province, Indonesia


The Second Wedding Reception

Venue: Balairung Budi Utomo, Bumi Wiyata Hotel, Depok, West Java, Indonesia


daRkJasm and Panjirocks

for a Beautiful Bride

Nearly 15 years ago, I met a girl, using round eye-glasses for her sharp eyes with a short hair that gave her a “tough” person image.

Our first encounter was in Muhibbah Camp and she was a troop leader. An elementary school girl with lots of Scouting experiences. We weren’t friendly back then because of our troop had some kind of hard feeling that I couldn’t recalled why.

One year later, when I was in my second year of junior high school, We met again. She was a first year and when we were in our weekly scout meeting, she was already a star because she knew our trainer very well. Nope, we weren’t friend yet but the hard feeling is over, we started fresh and nice “hi” relationship.

National Scout Jamboree was the reason of our forever-last friendship. We were the only female delegates from our school and turned out that her families were old friends of my parents. After the Jamboree, we’ve been through many journeys together, Ranger Scout National Championship was one of the event that made our bond became stronger (this is the way I use darkjasm as my nick, you could read about it here. She is the leader of the Jasmine Troop). We went to the same senior high school, one year apart but we went to different university. Distance was not and never will be an obstacle in our friendship. We remained strong during the university time, even we weren’t talking to each other every day, we always knew that we have each other.

She was a born leader. I adore her for her amazing personality. She is the one that I can always count if anything happen to me. She is a pearl for me. I am blessed to have her in my life and much more blessed to call her my best friend.

Last week supposed to be the a happy week for her. Human can only plan, God will do the rest. Her father passed away a day before her wedding. I know right there that I need to be with her, maybe she is tough enough to deal it on her own, since I am the lamest one between us, not her, but I know that the least I could do to return all the favor that she has done to me is to be with her in that saddest moment of her life.

The wedding ceremony was held with many adjustments, because her family believe that her father would not approve if the wedding to be delayed. 25th of January, Jeliria Karniawati, my best friend is now someone’s wife, Deny Rendra‘s wife to be exact.

My beautiful girl turned to be a very beautiful bride.
I know that Papa really loves you and I know that he saw how beautiful you were on your wedding dress.
I love you to the end of the galaxy!

Happy Birthday to you, my beloved best friend.. I am still amazed that you could handle me gently for such a long time, because I know I am a hard person to befriend.

Thank you for being my best friend.
I wish the very best wishes for your new life, Mrs Idhen.. ๐Ÿ˜†
The tenth Jasmine
ps. Just found out that the daily post is also about a BFF.
…I don’t know why I couldn’t upload the photos, always get the error notif. Will be uploading it soon.


Once upon a time, there are four youngsters tied by one thing called friendship, met in one activity called Scouting, and in a setting called High School

One called Koemp, as an informal leader of the team, always being a volunteer to done anything for the team. He’s an H in H.A.T.i

One called Cintauw, the most quiet person of the team, smart boy but quite a don juan ๐Ÿ˜€ can’t judge what he’s thinking just by looking at his face for he has a flat no expression face. Yes, he’s an A in H.A.T.i

One called Honey, the energetic girl of the team, provide her house as a headquarter, letting the boy hang in there till midnight, while she was having her beauty sleep. She’s a T in H.A.T.i

The last one called Xaiank, the junior in the team. The real scout member of the team. Calm girl with an evil grin and creative mind. wonder why the i in H.A.T.i is the only non capitalized letter? yes, she’s i, just i being i

Best friends. That is what they call themselves. even they are not seeing each other often nowadays, but they know deep in their hearts that they always have each other.

This post is supposed to be posted in november 9 or november 10, for Koemp is having his wedding on that day, but forgive me for my weak mind, i can’t make it back then.

Happy wedding dear Koemp

We’re so sorry we couldn’t be there, but you know that our spirit is there, our prayer was with you that day and will always for you till then.

We love you Koemp, we know you know!

Happy Wedding


Hendri Efendi


Siti Rofi’ah

here are for you both!

the newly wed couple
we know koemp, we know how you love pink so much! we just know… *smirk*
happy.. happy.. forever in blessings!
p.s nanti kalo kami ngumpul di Pekanbaru,
kenalin ya koemp,
kami janji gak bakal malu-maluin koq..
*kalo ingat ya.. haha



Woody Woodpecker #1: around the Yogyakarta we go!

Hello there, Woody Woodpecker Trio is here to tell you a bedtime story.. ๐Ÿ™‚

Safely arrived at Tugu Station of Yogyakarta around 4.30 am. We had to get things in a hurry because the man talked at the train’s speaker told us that the train will only stop for 3 minutes in Tugu Station (huh hah). Picked up by Mr. Mahmud (or Mas Mahmud as we called him) and went directly to one of my friend’s house who welcome us with nearly close eyes. hahaha.. oh you nice bed, here we come!

sleepy head just before leaving the train

After some nice short sleep, we went to the wedding.. it was in Bantul and I realized that Yogya weren’t like it used to be.. Traffic jam is about to come to Yogya.. *sigh*

The decoration of the wedding was beautiful, foods were nice, happy to meet many friends there, moreover.. the Bride is trully beautiful..

Here are some of the wedding’s snapshots

Ijab Qabul.. the most sacred moment of a wedding ceremony
the jewelry everywhereeeee..
see the flags?
..after the washing foot ceremony
aw.. romance..
yellow and green with the blurred groom

After trying all the food there, we went to Beringharjo Market! the heat was so up in Beringharjo so we were there for only 30 mins and we went straight to Mirota Batik.. I love being in Mirota Batik, because I love the smell of their shop, weird, huh? I bought a bike miniature and cute belt there.. ๐Ÿ˜€

the miniature bike
..take a rest in Mirota Batik..

Went home and took a short nap. We went out for dinner around 6 pm after Magrib prayer. We wanted to go to Jejamuran Resto but we remembered a resto owned by our bosses’ family in Monjali Street named “Ayam Keprek Istimewa”, so we went there instead (Jejamuran is too far for our starving tummy to handle, lol). Turned out that the food was delicious!

the menu
look how starving we were

A full tummy is a happy tummy… We went to Dagadu after dinner. Dagadu’s headquarter (in Pakuningratan) is as unique as it used to be, it was a fun shopping there (I buy nothing, tho.. haha).

When will you go to Yogya again?
photobomb lvl : Budhin
unique spot!

After done a little shopping, we wanted to chill a bit and felt the night atmosphere of Yogya’s youth (ealah..opo kuwi maksude? :p) We wanted to enjoy a cafe with live music (in Sagan area if i’m not mistaken), but because of the rain, there was no live music in there. One of my friend was curious about Raminten and wanted to go there, but it was packed of people, we went to Calais (in Kotabaru) but they didn’t serve the food so we went back to sagan and stopped at one cafe there (My bad, I forget the name, but it has a “rock” word).

inside Calais
the “rock” cafe
the Banana Fritter

Done eating, laughing, and complaining to the chef about the banana fritter, we called that a day..



Wedding + Traffic Jam + Nite Sale = Great Food


Yes! another weekend to spend with him, my lovely Mr.J …


nope, not my wedding, at least, not yet.

last Saturday, I went to a wedding in Cibubur and it was a tiring journey, due to the saturday afternoon traffic jam in Jakarta, worst!

Itย  was a wedding of Mr.J’s friend which was held in Wiladatika, Cibubur. The building name is Pandan Sari. It is quite beautiful, with high ceiling, white and has terrace for the guest reception. The size of the building is medium for around 500 guests or less.

.grabbed it from here, not exactly from the wedding we came.

How about the decoration? hm.. i couldn’t tell you whether there was good or bad decoration since we arrived there around 01.20 pm while the invitation wrote that the ceremony is only from 11.00 am to 01.00 pm, so at the time we finally arrived there, the decoration was a messed! *people were redecorating it for the next wedding ceremony*. argh.. that is why I don’t want to hold my wedding here in Jakarta, or at least, if I had to hold it here, I want it to be an evening ceremony.. *pray-pray-pray so hard* ๐Ÿ™‚

The dishes? Although the room were under redecorating, they left some dishes for late-guests like us, but I totally had lost my appetite because of this messy things. I only try the salad and it wasย  a masterpiece! *oke, ini lebay* *but really, it was so delicious!* and after Mr. J finished chit-chat with his friends and took a pose with the newly wed couple, we were heading directly to the Mosque, Mr. J hadn’t pray yet.

Done the Shalat Dzuhur, I suddenly feel so hungry and i’ve been craving for Spaghetti Aglio e Olio since i’ve tried that dishes in Aston Rasuna when my father visited me last month. We finally choose to go to Pizza Marzano Kemang for the afternoon snack *yes, pizza and pasta is Snacks!* ๐Ÿ˜€ and thanks to The Traffic Jam + wrong route decision by Mr.J, we arrived at Kemang around 4 pm! i was really hungry at that time, I felt like I could eat Mr.J for taking the wrong way! grrhhh.. *but I still love you a’… hihihiii

at Pizza Marzano, I ordered Spaghetti and Dough ball as side dishes *because i am so HUNGRY*, Mr. J ordered Pizza . When the food finally came, we finished those delicious foods right away so that I forgot to take the pictures. I love the Spaghetti, it was flooded by the Olive oil and taste so delicious but the pizza was not thin enough for me that i don’t like it so much, the dishes of the day was the dough ball with the garlic sauce. The sauce was rocking my tummy! ๐Ÿ™‚


.our empty plates.. yummiy!.

Driving through all the traffic made Mr.J wanted to relax a while and he wanted to go creambath and I was dying to buy some new books, so after finished all the dishes, we went to PIM (i don’t exactly remember why we chose to go to PIM :D). PIM turned out to be the wrong destination again because there was a nite sale at that night in PIM and you can imagine how bad the traffic was (we need about 30 minutes just to park the car!) and the mall was SO CROWDED that gave me dizzy… having lost our intention to done anything there, we decided to go back home and called it a day.

Do you think that our journey to my house was an easy adventure? nope, hm.. honestly, I don’t know, I could only remember that Mr.J complaining about Traffic jam around Ragunan or somewhere else which is usually not a crowded street, was packed with cars at that night. I was falling asleep all the way home… poor Mr.J who struggle alone through the streets. *i do really love you! :p

In Sunday, we actually had decided to just chilling out at home, relax and just take a rest. I’ve spent my morning eating mangos, oranges, and any fruits left that I could eat *due to my laziness to cook and in the name of diet*, watching Star World and working with my uphile. Around noon, Mr.J called me and reminded me that we have one disdus voucher for gold facial treatment in Wonder Skin Tebet, he asked whether i wanted to go there or not, since i have nothing to eat for lunch, i agreed to go there. He made the reservation and he told by the receptionist there that there were no need to make a reservation, we just need to go there and they are closed in 5 pm. Mr.J picked me at 2 pm and we arrived there around 3 and thank you for the miscommunication between Mr.J and the receptionist, we couldn’t done the treatment that day (They need 2 hrs for the treatment and they are not accepting customer after 3 because they afraid there will not enough time and they full, they thought that when Mr.J called them, we’ll go there straightaway).

Rescheduling and reserving the treatment for next Saturday morning, we hurried toward Radjaketjil for very late lunch.

Radjaketjil is a restaurant I knew from Twitter and so curious to taste the food, turns out to be a VERY DELICIOUS foods! we ordered Hainan Rice for two, Cameo putri baik hati, Seafood Soup, black pepper beef and Fried Cassava for side dishes. I LOVE IT! I just love it. I highly recommended this restaurant for you all, especially the “Singkong goreng”, so crunchy and hm.. i just so in love with cassava.. ๐Ÿ˜€ Mr. J has Red bean Ice as the drink and I drank Terong Belanda Juice.

.The Menu.

.my hungry face.
.stunning dishes.
.my favorite: Singkong Goreng.

Every food tasted so good and the drinks completed the wonderful dishes. Radjaketjil also comforted us by their cozy environment + the rain poured outside. It was the perfect closing for my weekend. Thanks to Mr.J, you completed my life again.. ๐Ÿ™‚

.cozy place + gloomy afternoon.