Woody Woodpecker #1: around the Yogyakarta we go!

Hello there, Woody Woodpecker Trio is here to tell you a bedtime story.. 🙂

Safely arrived at Tugu Station of Yogyakarta around 4.30 am. We had to get things in a hurry because the man talked at the train’s speaker told us that the train will only stop for 3 minutes in Tugu Station (huh hah). Picked up by Mr. Mahmud (or Mas Mahmud as we called him) and went directly to one of my friend’s house who welcome us with nearly close eyes. hahaha.. oh you nice bed, here we come!

sleepy head just before leaving the train

After some nice short sleep, we went to the wedding.. it was in Bantul and I realized that Yogya weren’t like it used to be.. Traffic jam is about to come to Yogya.. *sigh*

The decoration of the wedding was beautiful, foods were nice, happy to meet many friends there, moreover.. the Bride is trully beautiful..

Here are some of the wedding’s snapshots

Ijab Qabul.. the most sacred moment of a wedding ceremony
the jewelry
food..food everywhereeeee..
see the flags?
..after the washing foot ceremony
aw.. romance..
yellow and green with the blurred groom

After trying all the food there, we went to Beringharjo Market! the heat was so up in Beringharjo so we were there for only 30 mins and we went straight to Mirota Batik.. I love being in Mirota Batik, because I love the smell of their shop, weird, huh? I bought a bike miniature and cute belt there.. 😀

the miniature bike
..take a rest in Mirota Batik..

Went home and took a short nap. We went out for dinner around 6 pm after Magrib prayer. We wanted to go to Jejamuran Resto but we remembered a resto owned by our bosses’ family in Monjali Street named “Ayam Keprek Istimewa”, so we went there instead (Jejamuran is too far for our starving tummy to handle, lol). Turned out that the food was delicious!

the menu
look how starving we were

A full tummy is a happy tummy… We went to Dagadu after dinner. Dagadu’s headquarter (in Pakuningratan) is as unique as it used to be, it was a fun shopping there (I buy nothing, tho.. haha).

When will you go to Yogya again?
photobomb lvl : Budhin
unique spot!

After done a little shopping, we wanted to chill a bit and felt the night atmosphere of Yogya’s youth (ealah..opo kuwi maksude? :p) We wanted to enjoy a cafe with live music (in Sagan area if i’m not mistaken), but because of the rain, there was no live music in there. One of my friend was curious about Raminten and wanted to go there, but it was packed of people, we went to Calais (in Kotabaru) but they didn’t serve the food so we went back to sagan and stopped at one cafe there (My bad, I forget the name, but it has a “rock” word).

inside Calais
the “rock” cafe
the Banana Fritter

Done eating, laughing, and complaining to the chef about the banana fritter, we called that a day..