My plane has just landed. I step onto familiar surroundings. The heat feels familiar. The sky looks familiar. Everything looks familiar as if nothing has changed in this city. It feels like yesterday, even though I’ve left this city for years. The arrival lounge is also similar to my memories of it, men holding the name-tag, people offering a rent car or queuing for taxi. Everything seems frozen in time.

I walk to my assigned meeting point, through some kind of underground tunnel, connecting the airport and the parking lot. I love this tunnel, it is large with a minimalist ornaments. It gives me a calm feeling with its pastel paint. Sounds from the railway above it give me thrill sensation, like I am going to crash the train. I wait for a driver from my client’s company outside the tunnel and when I look around me, I realize that the parking lot is larger than I ever remember. Finally, a minor change that reminds me this city is no longer the same.

Traffic outside the airport is not so crowded, maybe because it is an early Saturday morning. The driver asks me whether I want to stop for breakfast. I don’t feel hungry, but a cup of coffee would be nice. He stops in a small coffee vendor not so far from the airport. I feel glad that this driver is not a chit-chat person, I already feel exhausted with all the memories that are flooding my mind since I arrived here, in Yogyakarta, a city once I loved so much.

The sun is shining so bright this morning, but the breeze is cool and the coffee taste so good. Lovely morning, if I don’t remember that I am in a city where my worst nightmare happened.

Clear horizon with Mount Merapi as background takes me to years ago when I arrived here for the first time. Nearly 10 years ago. I remember coming here with high spirit and big hope, exploring this city with a great excitement and laughed at everything I never see in my hometown. I hope I can re-experience those feeling again, maybe those are the remedy for my bitterness feeling of this city.

Yogyakarta. Special District. Cultural City. Full of students, from around Indonesia and overseas. Famous for its diversity. Famous for its myths. It has an imaginary line that goes straight from Mount Merapi to Kraton Ngayogyakartahadiningrat (Yogyakarta Palace) and finish in Parangtritis Beach. The most southern part of yogyakarta is a line of beaches. Many beautiful beaches.

My mind takes me to one fine afternoon, when my thesis deadline was getting closer and i didn’t have enough spirit to finish it on time. Instead of writing it, I drove my car to Depok Beach. I love Depok Beach even though the sand is not white but it has fish market which sell fresh fish from the sea. I arrived at the beach in time to watch the sun started to set. Magnificent. The sky’s color was changing from bright blue to orange and finally lost in the darkness of night. I love spending my early night at that beach. Fishermen were getting ready for night fishing. People were packing their bags to go home. Sea waves were getting higher and the sound of the wave soothed my chaotic mind. I felt calm and my mood was much better when I came home that night. I am longing for that place, even more, I am longing for that calm feeling. I am longing for my happiness.

The car is back on the street, smoothly driven to Malioboro Street. The most famous tourist destination in Yogyakarta. The place where my client is waiting for the briefing. I guess Depok Beach has to wait a little longer.

I miss you!
I miss you!
This is for the Day 2 assignment of writing 101.
 Can you see Yogyakarta as I see it?
It is actually a fiction and I intend to keep it going through this month challenge..
day by day

Woody Woodpecker #1: around the Yogyakarta we go!

Hello there, Woody Woodpecker Trio is here to tell you a bedtime story.. 🙂

Safely arrived at Tugu Station of Yogyakarta around 4.30 am. We had to get things in a hurry because the man talked at the train’s speaker told us that the train will only stop for 3 minutes in Tugu Station (huh hah). Picked up by Mr. Mahmud (or Mas Mahmud as we called him) and went directly to one of my friend’s house who welcome us with nearly close eyes. hahaha.. oh you nice bed, here we come!

sleepy head just before leaving the train

After some nice short sleep, we went to the wedding.. it was in Bantul and I realized that Yogya weren’t like it used to be.. Traffic jam is about to come to Yogya.. *sigh*

The decoration of the wedding was beautiful, foods were nice, happy to meet many friends there, moreover.. the Bride is trully beautiful..

Here are some of the wedding’s snapshots

Ijab Qabul.. the most sacred moment of a wedding ceremony
the jewelry
food..food everywhereeeee..
see the flags?
..after the washing foot ceremony
aw.. romance..
yellow and green with the blurred groom

After trying all the food there, we went to Beringharjo Market! the heat was so up in Beringharjo so we were there for only 30 mins and we went straight to Mirota Batik.. I love being in Mirota Batik, because I love the smell of their shop, weird, huh? I bought a bike miniature and cute belt there.. 😀

the miniature bike
..take a rest in Mirota Batik..

Went home and took a short nap. We went out for dinner around 6 pm after Magrib prayer. We wanted to go to Jejamuran Resto but we remembered a resto owned by our bosses’ family in Monjali Street named “Ayam Keprek Istimewa”, so we went there instead (Jejamuran is too far for our starving tummy to handle, lol). Turned out that the food was delicious!

the menu
look how starving we were

A full tummy is a happy tummy… We went to Dagadu after dinner. Dagadu’s headquarter (in Pakuningratan) is as unique as it used to be, it was a fun shopping there (I buy nothing, tho.. haha).

When will you go to Yogya again?
photobomb lvl : Budhin
unique spot!

After done a little shopping, we wanted to chill a bit and felt the night atmosphere of Yogya’s youth (ealah..opo kuwi maksude? :p) We wanted to enjoy a cafe with live music (in Sagan area if i’m not mistaken), but because of the rain, there was no live music in there. One of my friend was curious about Raminten and wanted to go there, but it was packed of people, we went to Calais (in Kotabaru) but they didn’t serve the food so we went back to sagan and stopped at one cafe there (My bad, I forget the name, but it has a “rock” word).

inside Calais
the “rock” cafe
the Banana Fritter

Done eating, laughing, and complaining to the chef about the banana fritter, we called that a day..



..Candi Kimpulan atau Candi Pustakasala??

ada yang familiar dengan candi tersebut??

ya,, memang itu candi baru, yang belum selesai di pugar, bahkan saat ini baru sampai ke tahap ekskavasi karena sempat terhenti selama beberapa bulan karena menunggu wewenang dari BP3 (Balai Peninggalan dan Pelestarian Purbakala).

candi baru ini, bagi yang belum tahu, terletak di komplek Kampus UII, Jl. Kaliurang, Yogyakarta yang tanpa sengaja ditemukan ketika dilakukan penggalian untuk membangun perpustakaan pusat UII sekitar akhir tahun lalu,,

hingga kini, candi tersebut memiliki 3 nama, yaitu Candi Kimpulan (nama dusun disana, oleh BP3), Candi UII (oleh masyarakat), dan Candi Pustakasala (berarti perpustakaan, oleh UII) dan berdasarkan kesepakatan yang ditandatangani tanggal 2 Agustus kemarin, candi tersebut akan dikelola bersama oleh UII dan BP3.

lalu bagaimana nasib perpustakaan pusat UII?? akan tetap dibangun di tanah itu, tapi tentu saja dengan pengubahan rancangan dan menjadi kan candi tersebut bagian dari landscape perpustakaan itu,,

gotta be so amazing I thought,,

can’T hardly wait,,

pssttt.. dengerdenger pemugarannya bakal selesai ntar akhir Desember 2010, kita lihat saja,,

ini bocoran gambarnya :