Magical May

..pardon me for this very late update about my magical may.

This last 15.05.15, I finally got MARRIED!

*tears overload*

For many people who follow our journey from the beginning, they will understand how long and bumpy our road to marriage, but I will only cherish the happiness about this amazing month in my life.

We were celebrating two cultures in our wedding ceremony. Our series of events started with “Malam Berinai” (a malay tradition to apply henna to the bride and the groom) which held in the night before our “Aqad nikah” (Islamic Wedding Vow). The day after the Aqad, we held our first wedding reception in malay culture with malay music and wedding dress. This first reception was held in Pekanbaru, Riau Province in 16.05.15. I finally succeed pouring my love of black and white as my wedding theme, with a little grey here and there.

Three days after the first reception, me and my husband went to Bali for our honeymoon.. (I will dedicate another post about it)

At may 30, we held our second wedding reception in Depok, West Java (my husband’s hometown), this time celebrating Sundanese Culture.

I am so grateful for our magical may, for everyone that help us through ups and downs, for everything magical which has happened and of course for the Gracious of our Lord, Allah SWT. Alhamdulillah.

Here are some remarks from my magical may, may the happiness also be yours!


Malam Berinai


Aqad Nikah


The Wedding Reception

Venue: Bhayangkara Building, Pekanbaru, Riau Province, Indonesia


The Second Wedding Reception

Venue: Balairung Budi Utomo, Bumi Wiyata Hotel, Depok, West Java, Indonesia


daRkJasm and Panjirocks

Up Coming Event of Gadjah Mada Scout MovemenT

Gadjah Mada Scout Movement (Pramuka Universitas Gadjah Mada) will held an event for everyone!!

for celebrating the 27th birthday of Gugusdepan 1505 and 1506, Racana Gadjah Mada and Racana Tribhuwanatunggadewi from Gadjah Mada Scout Movement establish an event that regarding to not only scouter but for everyone who really eager to know Yogya deeper and deeper,,

The event called Lost in Jogja.

it is an adventure journey from one place to another that not really get many exposed nowadays in Jogja, the city of unique culture!!

want to know about it more?? Just click here