Cijalu in Cipancar

Who was up for a hike? Zhaf!

Yes.. Last month, we went to hike a little in Cipancar, Subang, West Java. We went to see Cijalu Waterfall (Curug Cijalu in sundanese) – en route from a family gathering in Wanayasa. After such a long hiatus from beautiful green scenery, the tour was a real treat for my eyes. We were welcome by a cool breeze from the waterfall after a rather bumpy and creepy road.

The track was a short one, but with a baby attached to you : back pain was an absolute aftermath. 😆 ..and Zhaf? It was priceless to see the joy in his eyes! (again, he was not the one who need to walk. 😆 )

Here are the pics..

I can’t get enough of the look in Zhaf’s face


Much love,


Up Coming Event of Gadjah Mada Scout MovemenT

Gadjah Mada Scout Movement (Pramuka Universitas Gadjah Mada) will held an event for everyone!!

for celebrating the 27th birthday of Gugusdepan 1505 and 1506, Racana Gadjah Mada and Racana Tribhuwanatunggadewi from Gadjah Mada Scout Movement establish an event that regarding to not only scouter but for everyone who really eager to know Yogya deeper and deeper,,

The event called Lost in Jogja.

it is an adventure journey from one place to another that not really get many exposed nowadays in Jogja, the city of unique culture!!

want to know about it more?? Just click here