I feel an urge to write this confessions, about my blogging activity..

#1 i’ve been blogging since January, 2007

#2 I love poetry that’s why i write poem more in this blog

#3 I’m not so confidence to write “facts” or anything “i’ve done”, but i’m working on it now..couple of my last posts were about my life

#4 I’m not comfortable to join blogger community because i have problems in meeting or greeting or be nice with someone new, i could only tell or say Hi via texts, not face to face.. poor me… but once again, i’m working on it, i’ve joined the “Blogger Bertuah” (Pekanbaru Blogger Community) recently and hopefully I could force myself to be part of them real soon.

#5 I often lose my mood when I’m writing and left my post half done, let it sleep at the draft folder for days before i finally execute it (whether finish it, or send it to the trash bin..well..based on my modd) oh..i’m sooo moody… help me?


The Dark Jasmine

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