another long break from writing. I owe someone a review about her cake for one of my best friend, and I can’t post it now since I haven’t get the photos from Mr. J yet.

hoah.. *yawn*

I’m not in my perfect condition now. Got cough when I’m in Pekanbaru last weekend and now i get influenza.. #sleepyhead

my mood is not in a good mode also. feel so sad, left out and lonely..

maybe I just need a “me” time

About darkjasm

A woman who loves black and white but stuck in between. a Happy wife, Proud Mother, and an Operational psychologist in the making. Currently loves to write about life and what happen around it. Expect to find many random thoughts in between.

2 comments on “Mumbling #3

  1. sana jalan2 ama pi2 ke sono *you know where*. biar happy lg


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