is it ever happen??

do I ever dream of it?

do I ever think I could?

do I ever deserve it?

do I ever done it?


i dream of it every night…

i usually believe that I could…

i have to make sure that I deserve it…

i’m sure i’ve done it!

…thank you…

i get another award for my poet..

from Promising Poets Cafe..

many wonderful writers gather there..

to share some thought, bitter and sweet, sad and fun…

i’m so lucky that i ever join the community..

and now i’ve won The Celebrate Poet of Summer in 2011 Award!

i can’t believe it but it’s true..

Thanks for all the voters!

it is called friend

i get one of the Perfect Poet Award for This Entry from Jingle, in rally week 43

Thanks J, i have so much fun joining the rally!


and this is for everybody in the rally…

when stranger become friend

i know no face

i recognize no name

only sometime in a blurred moment

only coincidence that make it ever happen

never be in any proximity

never be in any intimacy

only one similarity

in words we share love

in words we spread love

in love…


for words!

….when strangers become friends!

p.s i love to nominate Pandamoniumcat!

because I always love dinosaurs,, 😀