Watching Gravity

I always love watching movies. Any kind of movie (except animation, maybe). The last movie I saw was Gravity and it was amazing movie, no wonder it got many awards. Sandra Bullock did amazing job in that movie, although I keep admiring how George Clooney impressed me in only few scenes. Enough talking about the stars, let’s talk about dr. Jones, dr Ryan Jones (“What kind of a name is Ryan for a girl?” Said Matt).

dr Jones has one hell of personality. Thing that attracted me most is when I finally found out about her daughter. It explained how gloomy she was in the beginning, how hard she tried to keep her feeling for herself. I guessed her experience of losing someone trapped her in her own grief and she shut everyone out. This thing was the one that keep her from trying her best to go home, because she already lose the meaning of a “home”. The emotional state of this poor dr was really influenced by the grief she was holding. Easily panic at the beginning and kind of “calm down” after she finally “let go” of her daughter and Matt.

Her job as a scientist really helped her so much in surviving. How the hell is she gonna have an idea to use a fire extinguisher if she had no knowledge about “pressure”. How the hell is she gonna remember how to turn on Shenzhou if she wasn’t used to train her memory, she is a scientist for good sake. Although this movie has many flaws if compared to the real “space things”, the personality of dr Ryan is really fascinating.

A women, dedicating her life for her job after losing someone so important for her and then encounter a life changing events. She has learn how to “let go” in a hard way. One hell of a story, almost everyone can relate to it. It teaches us about hope, even when we think that we have lose all the second chances.

I also have learn my lesson in a hard way.