Life Learning



Human is a social creature. This sentence is told to us since our early life. It suppose to teach us how to deal with others and how to respect others, because we can never live alone.

I began to think how others can influence me, then I come to a conclusion that it does affect me in every part of my life.

I learn how to be a discipline and hard working person from my father, although I miss the “wake up in early morning” lesson.

I learn how to love, care and give unconditional regards from my mother, although I miss the “not want something in return” lesson.

I learn how to be firm from my sister, but I guess i missed the “assertive” class.

I learn how to deal with loneliness from my friends, but I guess i missed the “independent” class.

Many things we have learn and missed in our life, it is our choice what we would give them in return.

So, what you have learn from and teach to other?