Marhaban Yaa Ramadhan

ALhamdulillah.. I can meet once again with this holy month,,

i’ve just finished my first SahuR (having meal before fasting in the time before the sunrises), I experience so much thing today,,

i miss this ramadhan so much, i always have such a chemistry every time i think about ramadhan, and bcome more and more when i’ve finally arrived in this holy month,,

there so much things i miss about ramadhan,,

i remember when i was a kid, in my elementary school, in a small town name Sungai Apit,, with my family i go to masjid almost every night, but my only purpose going to masjid is to write the speech as my task during ramadhan,, and then i move to Pekanbaru, i also goin to masjid almost every night with my mom and sister, bcos my father always had a duty during ramadhan night that made him always go to the different masjid every night. In pekanbaru, i was a naughty kid, with my friends, we bring our food like chocolate or others to the masjid and when the others are doing shalat Tarawih, we begin our little gathering in the corner of the masjid and eat all things that we’ve brought (not for imitated by other please!! :mrgreen: )

growing old, we realize that going to masjid in every night of Ramadhan Month is not only about the “speech writing as task from school”, but the real aim of the task is to make us go to the masjid and do shalat Tarawih,, so we (me and my friends) left our “masjid adventure” and try to khusu’ in our shalat..

so much fun remembering that time, i miss it so much now,,

as i live in Yogyakarta, far from my lovely pa and miss my mom a lot, i feel sumtin different about Ramadhan These days,,

i miss everything that ever happen bfor,,


not only the “fun” things about ramadhan, but also the warm of the family and a hug from my pa and mOm,,

i Miss U a Lot Mom!!

Happy Ramadhan EveryOne,,