Ramadhan Mubarak

Assalamu’alaikum.. May peace be upon you. yes! PEACE. The one word that we’re using more often these days, in Indonesia and through out the rest of the world. Reading, hearing, and watching the news become more traumatizing and depressing. Terrorism, wars, oppressions, anarchist, and criminal acts are the main topic of almost all of the news’ outlets. I couldn’t help it anymore – wondering why it is so easy to spread hatred and negativity, without thinking about other’s feeling. One group’s claim to be the victim, while their acts scream villain. One nation is banning people solely based on their origin country or even their religion. One group massacred other group just because they were different. A killing spree in random places by a person, just to be accepted in one criminal group. ah.. I could going all day listing all the terror happening in our reality now, but what’s the purpose?

Here we are, living in a very divided world, yet hope is still here. We could see that despite – or because of  – all this cruelty, people begin to extend their help into a larger scale. Groups from different background are embracing each other more than they ever before. The phrase “faith in humanity restored” is getting its stage. People racing to show the warm of their heart to each other, just to make sure that we really feel that this life is worth living.

This is what Ramadhan is truly about : to bring the best of people. As a moslem, I believe this is what Rasulullah SAW wants to see : kindness, in every way of our life. I am no expert in explaining about what is Ramadhan, but I found a very helpful article if you want to understand about it more, it is this article from Vox. I like the closing line : “Because terrorists are assholes.” Don’t ever let terrorists act define what Islam is. This Ramadhan is our opportunity to unite moslems around the world to show the true face of Islam.

Terrorists. They have no religion, even if many will automatically link it to Islam – they are not muslims. Islam is a religion about peace and thaught us how to live peacefully among others. Terrorism rooted deeply within the society itself, not within Islam. It is an act of defiance, to scare people, to threaten another group for its own political gain. There are many kinds of terrorism, which cause expert to hardly agree on one definition. The fail to exactly define what is terrorism clearly show the complexity of its term, moreover its actions and its aim. One thing for sure, terrorist wants us to stop living. That is not Islamic teaching.

:sigh: I got carried away… I wanted to write about Ramadhan, but I was mumbling about these issues instead. My bad.. I am sorry, I guess I have been diving this issue for too long and I need to get it off my chest – to vent out. I need to write more about it later, in a better compose post.

Back to Ramadhan. It is a month of joy. Let’s bring the best of us and enjoying this closeness. We are closer to Allah, our family, our loved ones, and our fellow creatures of the world. Let’s observe Ramadhan by being a better human being.

Ramadhan Mubarak, Every one!


The DarkJasmine

Ramadhan Kareem

According to the Government of Indonesia, today is the 1st Ramadhan in Indonesia. Ramadhan Kareem. Ramadhan Mubarak. Selamat Ramadhan. Happy fasting. All the best greetings and wishes for my fellow Muslims around the world, may Allah gives us His mercy and forgive all of our sins. Wish our love for Allah is getting stronger through this holy month and forever.


This is my First post in this new Website. All of the posts before are imported from my old blog. I want to have my own web from long time ago, but my project with a friend meets no end and this sudden offer from Kak Idhen makes everything becomes true. Many many thanks for you, Kak! (p.s for i: thanks for the understanding.. hihi)


In the beginning of June, I joined a writing challenge, writing 101 and then I became busy with all this migrating blog stuffs (another excuse I made). Once again, I failed the challenge, this time is worse, I had only done 3 or 2 (I forget and really lazy to check). My bad. Pfiuh… and to my own surprise, this morning I have made my mind to make my own writing deadline! I have to write everyday during this Ramadhan Month. I want to write about anything that come to my mind when I begin to write. *spontaneous enough, ha?


This is day 1 of Ramadhan and just like each year before, I always begin my holy month with tears because I miss my mom so much. 2014 is a harsh year for me, many things changed in my life, even my own perspective about my self. Life is far from boring, because my heart is going through ups and downs, even it is only in june, I feel like I have the longest year. Father just get back home from hospital last week, Alhamdulillah he is getting better and more discipline with his medicine. I hope there will be no more downs in the rest of the year.


Do all what it takes for your dream, and let Allah take care of the rest, for whatever His will is for you, it is the best yet to come..


Happy fasting, everyone! Happy Ramadhan…



When you’re gone

You said that everything will be better soon.

You said that everyone will be better soon.

You said that every moment will be better soon.

You said that every second will be better soon.



after you’ve gone.


everything is going back to how it used to be.

everyone is going back to how they used to be.

every moment is going back to how it used to be.

every second is going back to how it used to be.



after you’ve gone.


no more warm heart.

no more togetherness.

no more sweet smile.

no more helping hands.



after you’ve gone.


every little thing is turn to be the same as before you came.

no matter how many people say that Eid is not the ending, It’s the beginning.

what we’ve accomplished in Ramadhan seem to go away.


more radiant than before.



after you’ve gone.

I miss you already.

Ramadhan and Volunteering

We are now in the middle of the Holy Month. Ramadhan. The most anticipated month for muslims because of its big rewards. What we’ve taught since we were a kid is that if we do something good during this month, the value of our good deeds will be multiplied. What we always forget in one point is that Ramadhan is one special month that need eleven months training to get through it successfully. We forget that we have to exercise in the other eleven months to be a winner in the end of Ramadhan.

Volunteering is one of many good deeds that we can do in our life and maybe in this holy month, we get many chances to do it or to start doing it because people seems to be very helpful and very creative in making a way to help others.

Volunteering is always my biggest passion, I like to be involved in a non-profit activity but for now, my volunteering activity is kinda lose its chances dealing with my hectic avoidance mind. :sigh: I am not a member of one specific volunteer organization nor I funded one of them. I can only join them in my spare time that made me hard to keep up with their rhythm. *just another rationalization going in my mind* let’s us talk about other people then..

I have friends that dedicated their life for volunteering and I appreciate them very much. From all of my volunteer friend, I began to spot a pattern. I recognize two kinds of them. One of them volunteer in full spotlight, while the other one, like to keep it in the shadow.

My spotlight kind of friend is a member of many volunteer organization and always publish whatever activities they’re doing just like their life is devoted to volunteer and they had to make sure that the world know it. My shadow kind of friend is a member of only one organization that they established from zero. Their organization is in its way to be one big fish and somehow they could manage to hide that they are the people behind it.

So, which one is better? In my opinion, everyone has their own reason of what they choose to do in their life.

My friends in group spotlight believe that if everyone knows that they are doing something and if the world know that they actually enjoy doing it, also that volunteering could also make you famous, many people will roll up their sleeves to join the volunteers community. The buzz is also kind of volunteering.

My friends in group shadow believe that even if they work in a silence, society could not act like they don’t make differences. They tend to show that altruism is not only a myth.

So, which group are you in? The most important thing is the volunteering itself.

Let’s make this world a beautiful place to live, together..

Ramadhan = Proses

Ramadhan yang diturunkan ALLAH selama tiga puluh hari ini ternyata merupakan sebuah proses,,

tidak mungkin ada orang yang benarbenar bisa berubah dari kehidupannya yang hancur selama 11bulan langsung jadi benarbenar taat dan takut dimulai dari hari p1 ramadhan,, tapi memang berproses di dalam bulan ramadhan itu sendiriy,,

beruntung bagi orang-orang yang sudah mempersiapkan ramadhan selanjutnya sejak bulan Muharram sehingga ia benar-benar siap untuk menyambut ramadhan dan akan masih merasakan manfaat ramadhan hingga bulan Dzulhijjah,,

sekarang baru ta paham apa yang dilakukan oleh Rasulullah SAW (Allahummashali’ala Muhammad wa’ala ali Muhammad),, Allah memang Maha Besar, semuanya telah diatur dengan benar-benar sempurna,,


mencoba memaknai Ramadhan,,

baru satu hari saja yang dilewati dari bulan suci penuh hikmah ini,, namun ta seperti mendapat segudang rahmat yang dijanjikan itu,, mungkin ini terkesan egois untuk di ceritakan atau bahkan untuk dituliskan, karena makna sesuatu, apalagi sebuah Rahmat yang besar seperti bertemu dengan bulan ramadhan ini pasti sangat subyektif sekali,, satu stimulus yang jelas-jelas sama saja bisa menjadi sangat berbeda di interpretasikan oleh dua orang yang bersahabat atau bahkan kembar sekalipun, jelaaass,, karena interpretasi berdasarkan ilmu yang ta pelajari sangat dipengaruhi oleh pengalaman dan kepribadian seseorang, dan setiap orang insya allah tak akan mungkin sama persis menghabiskan waktu kehidupannya (wallahu’alam),,

Ramadhan tahun ini bagi ta datang diwaktu yang sangat tepat, mungkin ini benar-benar yang dinamakan Rahmat dari ALLAH,, bcos, for me, this year, mY entire future life is saved bY this coming Ramadhan,,

kondisi emosi yang sangat labil dan keteguhan hati yang sedang goyah belakang ini seperti kembali pulih setelah merasakan kembali chemistry yang sangat lekat dengan hadirnya ramadhan ini,, meskipun merasakan rasa rindu pada kehangatan ramadhan ini ternyata juga cukup berat bagi pikiran ta yang sedang berkabut ini, tapi alhamdulillah cahaya itu sangat bermurah hati membagikan sedikit cercahnya pada ta di bulan suci ini, mungkin ALLAH yang Maha Bercahaya sedang mengingatkan ta bahwa meskipun ta sedikit menjauh dalam waktu belakangan ini, namun pintu kembali itu akan selalu terbuka lebar kalau ta benar bersungguh ingin menyulam kembali benang cinta pada-Nya,,

kebingungan yang belakangan ini selalu mengombang-ambingkan ta menjauh ke pusaran keputus asaan ternyata kalah juga dengan gelombang tauhid yang dibawa oleh arus kerinduan pada Sang Maha Pencipta Rindu,,

banyak hal yang membuat ta belajar, meski Ramadhan baru ta lewati satu hari saja,, banyak hal yang melatih ta dan membuat ta sadar, bahwa jejak kehidupan yang ta ukir tak akan pernah berubah, kecuali ta bersungguh taubat memohon ampun pada-Nya, menginsyafi semua yang telah dalam keadaan sadar ta lakukan demi kepentingan duniawi saja,,

berpuasa, meski baru satu hari saja di Ramadhan ini, membawa ta menyelami dunia kesabaran yang begitu luas, sehingga seperempat nya saja mungkin belum sanggup ta mengerti,, begitu banyak misteri dalam menjalankan sabar dan menahan diri dari sesuatu yang disebut hawa nafsu, namun ternyata disana lah letak kenikmatan ramadhan, dimana ta bisa mengurai satu demi satu misteri itu, bukan untuk menemukan akhirnya, namun hanya untuk sekedar mencoba hidup bersamanya,,

dalam satu hari ini, ta paham kenapa banyak orang lebih mengutamakan sebuah proses dari pada hasilnya,, ini dapat ta analogikan sepeti sebuah perjalanan,, ketika ta hanya melihat ke ujung perjalanan atau hanya terus memikirkan tambatan perjalanan tersebut, ternyata pada akhirnya hanya lelah yang akan menemani ta sepanjang perjalanan, namun jika ta menikmati pemandangan sekeliling selama perjalanan, ataupun ikut tertawa pada sebuah candaan seorang kawan, bahkan ikut menangis pun dalam kesedihan sang sahabat, maka perjalanan akan menjadi penuh canda, dan banyak pelajaran yang dapat ta tuai, bukan hanya sekedar kecepatan sampai ke tujuan namun kering dalam penjiwaan,,

…..hanya mencoba untuk memaknai Ramadhan yang penuh makna

Marhaban Yaa Ramadhan

ALhamdulillah.. I can meet once again with this holy month,,

i’ve just finished my first SahuR (having meal before fasting in the time before the sunrises), I experience so much thing today,,

i miss this ramadhan so much, i always have such a chemistry every time i think about ramadhan, and bcome more and more when i’ve finally arrived in this holy month,,

there so much things i miss about ramadhan,,

i remember when i was a kid, in my elementary school, in a small town name Sungai Apit,, with my family i go to masjid almost every night, but my only purpose going to masjid is to write the speech as my task during ramadhan,, and then i move to Pekanbaru, i also goin to masjid almost every night with my mom and sister, bcos my father always had a duty during ramadhan night that made him always go to the different masjid every night. In pekanbaru, i was a naughty kid, with my friends, we bring our food like chocolate or others to the masjid and when the others are doing shalat Tarawih, we begin our little gathering in the corner of the masjid and eat all things that we’ve brought (not for imitated by other please!! :mrgreen: )

growing old, we realize that going to masjid in every night of Ramadhan Month is not only about the “speech writing as task from school”, but the real aim of the task is to make us go to the masjid and do shalat Tarawih,, so we (me and my friends) left our “masjid adventure” and try to khusu’ in our shalat..

so much fun remembering that time, i miss it so much now,,

as i live in Yogyakarta, far from my lovely pa and miss my mom a lot, i feel sumtin different about Ramadhan These days,,

i miss everything that ever happen bfor,,


not only the “fun” things about ramadhan, but also the warm of the family and a hug from my pa and mOm,,

i Miss U a Lot Mom!!

Happy Ramadhan EveryOne,,

Semua ini hanya pinjaman,,

Ada satu lagu Bimbo yang membuat ta tercenung dan benar-benar merasa hina,,

ya,, betapa hinanya diri ta dihadapan ALLAH SWT


ini liriknya :

[Lagu : Jaka Bimbo]

[Lyric : Taufik Ismail]

[Vocal : Jaka Bimbo]

[Biola : Asri Sam Bimbo]

[Published by : Pendulum Publishing]


Barang Titipan


Sebenarnya kita tak punya apa-apa

semua ini titipan saja

badan kita, nyawa kita, istri kita, suami kita

anak kita, harta kita, jabatan, tabungan

tanah dan rumah

semua ini titipan saja


suatu hari barang titipan harus dikembalikan

yang punya tak bilang kapan

kita saja yang rapi menyiapkan

malam ini, minggu depan, tahun depan

harus rapi dikembalikan


sebenarnya kita tak punya apa-apa

semuai ini titipan saja


….apa ta sudah rapi menjaga dan mempersiapkan titipan ini??

atau malah jadi nista dan tersia??


Semoga ALLAH selalu menjaga kita


Marhaban yaaa Ramadhan,,

Minal Aidin Wal faidzin,, mohon maaaf Dzahir dan bathin,,