Ramadhan and Volunteering

We are now in the middle of the Holy Month. Ramadhan. The most anticipated month for muslims because of its big rewards. What we’ve taught since we were a kid is that if we do something good during this month, the value of our good deeds will be multiplied. What we always forget in one point is that Ramadhan is one special month that need eleven months training to get through it successfully. We forget that we have to exercise in the other eleven months to be a winner in the end of Ramadhan.

Volunteering is one of many good deeds that we can do in our life and maybe in this holy month, we get many chances to do it or to start doing it because people seems to be very helpful and very creative in making a way to help others.

Volunteering is always my biggest passion, I like to be involved in a non-profit activity but for now, my volunteering activity is kinda lose its chances dealing with my hectic avoidance mind. :sigh: I am not a member of one specific volunteer organization nor I funded one of them. I can only join them in my spare time that made me hard to keep up with their rhythm. *just another rationalization going in my mind* let’s us talk about other people then..

I have friends that dedicated their life for volunteering and I appreciate them very much. From all of my volunteer friend, I began to spot a pattern. I recognize two kinds of them. One of them volunteer in full spotlight, while the other one, like to keep it in the shadow.

My spotlight kind of friend is a member of many volunteer organization and always publish whatever activities they’re doing just like their life is devoted to volunteer and they had to make sure that the world know it. My shadow kind of friend is a member of only one organization that they established from zero. Their organization is in its way to be one big fish and somehow they could manage to hide that they are the people behind it.

So, which one is better? In my opinion, everyone has their own reason of what they choose to do in their life.

My friends in group spotlight believe that if everyone knows that they are doing something and if the world know that they actually enjoy doing it, also that volunteering could also make you famous, many people will roll up their sleeves to join the volunteers community. The buzz is also kind of volunteering.

My friends in group shadow believe that even if they work in a silence, society could not act like they don’t make differences. They tend to show that altruism is not only a myth.

So, which group are you in? The most important thing is the volunteering itself.

Let’s make this world a beautiful place to live, together..

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