Do you know what I feel now?
I feel like I’ve been wasting my time..

I started to feel like it is finally the time to trust you, to trust that you finally have the sense in your mind.

I have never been so wrong.
You are the same old man.
Same old ignorant man.

How could someone be so mean and act like they have no heart at all?
How could someone be so cruel and easily broke others’ dream?
How could someone be so powerful but put it in the wrong way?

explain to me..
I am desperately need your explanation..
about how the justice ever serve you?
about how the destiny never disappoint you?

look at me..
now look closer and just look into my eyes..
soon enough, I will make you feel remorse..
You will regret the day you turn me down..
because you just make me wanna be more than an ordinary person..
and you will never get the credit..

I feel the day will come soon..
the day I need to thank you for letting me down now..
because I learn to do more and more..
just to make sure I will never be someone like you!

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