Wondering in the middle of the night *kinda poem again

,,broken by d cLink,,
,,staring at my surrounding,,
,,only to find nothing,,

,,broken by d memory,,
,,remembering d moment when i cRy,,
,,d day my tears goin dry,,

,,broken by d flash of ur smile,,
,,went through a mile,,
,,tore my heart into pieces just like missile,,

,,in this midnight,,

,,in this midnight,,

,,remembering u,,
,,ur gorgeous love,,
,,that i can never beat u,,

.u and ur love.

.missing u.

my LuvLy mOther..

*dedicated for mY LuvLy chie,,
we’ve been through many things together,,
experienced almost many same things,,

i’m just too understand ur feeling,,

love u,,


Ngayogjokartohadiningrat, 12th March 2009

02.42 am


  1. goncecs says:

    PERTAMAXXX !!!!!!

    lama niii gak saling kunjung !!
    pa krb nya ???

    iku opo sich mba’ aku gak ngerti enggres je !!!


  2. Selamat Siang…
    Salam Kenal dari Balikpapan…
    Boleh bertukar link..? 🙂


  3. tiyokpras says:

    Between the silence, there is a peace…


  4. dafhy says:

    mbak gimana kabarnya?
    udah lama nich gak mampir


  5. susiloharjo says:

    Tha blognya sepi g pernah diupdate ya masa tulisan terakhir Maret 2009 🙂


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