Wondering in the middle of the night *kinda poem again

,,broken by d cLink,,
,,staring at my surrounding,,
,,only to find nothing,,

,,broken by d memory,,
,,remembering d moment when i cRy,,
,,d day my tears goin dry,,

,,broken by d flash of ur smile,,
,,went through a mile,,
,,tore my heart into pieces just like missile,,

,,in this midnight,,

,,in this midnight,,

,,remembering u,,
,,ur gorgeous love,,
,,that i can never beat u,,

.u and ur love.

.missing u.

my LuvLy mOther..

*dedicated for mY LuvLy chie,,
we’ve been through many things together,,
experienced almost many same things,,

i’m just too understand ur feeling,,

love u,,


Ngayogjokartohadiningrat, 12th March 2009

02.42 am