Undergraduate Thesis Abstract..

apa yang sulit dari membuat ringkasan skripsi??
membuat abstraknya yang memukau,,

ini lah abstrak untuk skripsi ta,,
kalau ada yang berminat berdiskusi (cieee) imel aj saia ya,,


Zestadianna Adzel & Faturochman

Fakultas Psikologi Universitas Gadjah Mada



Idea that condition of peace is recognized by the absence of wars and violence is now considered as old fashion recognition since peace is now condition that consists of many factors not only about war and violence. Scientist nowadays began to focus research about the culture of peace that applied by one society in one region, which is part of its own culture. This research is exploring about Pacu Jalur tradition (Jalur means big canoe-like ship and Pacu means Race) of Kuantan Singingi Regency in Riau Province to analyze the social-psychological aspects of people joining in this tradition that keep its people hold each other’s hand even this tradition formed as a competition. Using qualitative method and phenomenological approach, this research aims to understand what kind of peace culture that happened to be formed by that tradition. Subjects of this research consist of four categories of people in the structure of Pacu Jalur Tradition, which are partuo (people considered as the chiefs of the region), dukun jalur (person with paranormal powers), anak pacu (young men for running the Jalur at the race) and the society itself, one person from each category. This research shows what makes these people keep living in peace side by side is that this tradition provides them chances to fulfill their various needs and interactions that happen because of this tradition make their social cohesiveness stronger and finally this society is forming a pattern of consensual peace.

Keywords: Peace Culture, Pacu Jalur, Social Cohessiveness, Choice Theory


  1. jojoz says:

    Ahh. . Basa linggis cmuana. .gege


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