I’m 24 now

Here come the 29th of September…
It’s my birthday!

This year birthday is quite different for me. I am a sucker for surprise, celebration and gifts. I usually have a kind of “anticipation” feeling upon my birthday. I could feel the happy feeling long before the birthday date, but this year, I’ve missed the all birthday musing feelings.. I didn’t feel very exciting like I used to feel. I even almost forget it if many people around me didn’t keep reminding me about my upcoming birthday..

I don’t know why, is it a part of growing up? That i’ve become a somebody that I don’t know?
My birthday is almost over, i didn’t get the birthday cake this year. And somehow I’m not upset because of it (birthday cake is one thing that I used to really want for my birthday, plus the presents also). But i still get the gifts and i love it!!!

Instead of getting the surprise like usual, i’ve spent the day hanging around with my father, boyfie, and sister. Eat much, shopping and watching movies at home. For one of my best friends is getting a minor surgery, i’m not so into celebration this year…

With or without the celebration and the sacred feeling about my birthday, i still feel very blessed..
I want to thank all of you,,
Thanks for being my family, thanks for being my boyfriend, thanks for being my great friends, thanks for being someone i ever meet!
Thank you, all of you, for making me feel blessed..

It’s nearly the end of my 29th September
..Happy birthday for me…


UPDATE!! #penting lol

I’ve got the Cake, in 30th September

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