Morning Spirit

God is hearing all of our prays, people told me. I believe He is. Like this morning, He answers me. Creepy? nope. He answers me on his own way, through people.

I have been wandering for some things lately, I stated it in my last post. This morning, I have the answers that calmed my mind. I have to wait. one year longer. Would it hurt to wait a year longer after these 3 years? I consider it fair enough. I can make better preparation, I can fix some or more things in my life before welcoming my time. 😉

Pray for your dream as specific as you can, said someone to me. I couldn’t picture my dream specifically, maybe that is why I need to wait. I need to wait until I am ready. I need to make my self worth of it.

Since I need to wait, maybe You could make London as my destination, my dear God?

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