Honeymoon Post #1 : The Flamingo Dewata Villa

Ever since my mind full of wedding plan, the honeymoon plan is also included. I always wanted to spend the honeymoon in a room with private pool because I really want to swim without my long full coverage swimsuit (still not naked, sorry πŸ˜† ).

Since I am a full time procrastinator, my research for possible honeymoon destination is begun in the end of April while I have to leave for my hometown in early may. πŸ˜€

The first destination ever crossed my mind was Bintan Island, as it is not too far from Pekanbaru and not too crowded. My dream destination turned out to be out of my league because the resorts are too expensive and I am not feeling comfortable to spend too much money in the first week of our marriage (assuming I have enough money to afford it, which is absolutely not!). Then my attention shifted to the most common destination for honeymoon.. yes! BALI ISLAND. In my mind, there must be a not so expensive luxury villa within my budget somewhere in Bali – since Bali is full of any kind of resorts for any kind of people (also, my fiance had never been to Bali πŸ˜€ ). So the hunting began from a deal website which is one of my favorite past time shopping… I found many kind of hotels and villas which offering private pool: researching each one of them by reading review from tripadvisor and other similar websites, also from personal blogs. Almost frustrated by the options – none of it made my heart clicked – a day before my flight to Pekanbaru, I somehow stumbled upon a luxury villa offering flash sale with galleries that I love: The Flamingo Dewata Villa, a luxury private villas in Uluwatu.

Feeling slightly sure and a little obsessed with my choice, I reserved the room via their website and I asked my soon-to-be-husband to call the villa and maybe talk them to give us more benefits. πŸ˜€ The phone call was a short one because the receptionist can not guarantee anything and gave us their operational manager’s phone number for us to call. Lucky for us, the in charge person (his name is Mr. Rudi, if I’m not mistaken) was so friendly and very cooperative with our many demands. We were then secured our flight tickets and settled for 4 nights in Bali + 1 night in Bandung for our honeymoon plan.

Conversation about honeymoon and the villa deal were out of my mind in the next week, since I have to face wedding preparation and the wedding ceremony itself. After our Big Day is over, we were back to the honeymoon business and it was only 3 days before our departure to Bali. My husband called the villa again to fix our reservation and compliments : we scored some compliments!

On May 19, we board the plane in the morning to Soekarno Hatta and arrived there before noon. We had to move terminal, since we were arrived in Terminal 1B and our next flight will be from Terminal 3. We finally touched down in Ngurah Rai International Airport at 3.30 pm local time. Picked up by Mr. Rudi himself because he was nearby. We have a pleasant journey to the villa in Pecatu Area : Mr. Rudi told us many things about Bali, its people and its attractions.

Around 5 pm, we finally arrived in the Villa. The check in time is not too long, maybe because we look kinda tired (which newly wed won’t look tired, eh?) and off we went to our room by golf car.

The room was beyond my expectation. I immediately fall in love! We got the room number 3, with large private pool, pool lounge, outdoor kitchenette with complete cuttlery and a microwave plus Fresh fruits (another compliment). Spacious bedroom with king size bed and comfy living room. What I liked the most was the bathroom : it has a bath-up, a shower and large dresser. πŸ˜†

For Our first night in Bali, we choose not to go anywhere and just check out our surrounding for simple dinner. The villa was so serene that even the road in front of it felt magical. We had to walk around 10 minutes to reach the nearest “warung” (local convenient shop) to buy some snacks and we finally settled with “pecel lele” (spicy-fried catfish) as our dinner. The dinner turned out to be very tasty and not disappointed at all. After dinner, we called our friend to ask about car rental : we rented a Karimun with cheapest price from Pak made.

We started rather early the next morning because I really wanted my husband to see many places in Bali – since it was his first visit, I had to make good impression so that he will definitely go back to Bali πŸ˜†

There were two options for breakfast, either we want to have it in the restaurant or in our own room. For the first day, we chose the first option and turned out that our choice was right because the restaurant is so beautiful and decorated as dreamy as possible : I felt like I was a princess, having breakfast in a white-flowery castle. πŸ˜€ For the menu, unfortunately they only offer limited menu list that we had to choose the night before.

It was after midnight when we back to our room, so we chose to have a lazy morning and just enjoyed the private pool. We asked for our breakfast to be delivered to our room.

Private breakfast by the pool
Private breakfast by the pool

Another compliment that we scored was private dinner served in our room. My husband secretly ordered steak as the menu : Steak will always be my favorite! We chose the dinner to celebrate our last night in Bali, and it did be a wonderful closure of our honeymoon in Bali tale. The peace breeze, the relaxing moment made that night so intimate for both of us. Those memories will surely linger forever and give me a longing feeling.

Just before the dinner, I got a surprise visit from my university friends whom lived in Bali. They brought their cute daughter all the way from Denpasar to Pecatu and I just instantly fell in love to her.

The Flamingo Dewata Villa really exceed our expectations and I really would like to recommend this villa if you want to be somewhere serene and treasure private moments with your beloved people. I love the vibe… Just thinking about that time gives me chill now. I really want to go back there and rerun the honeymoon! πŸ˜†


The daRkJasmine

Morning Spirit

God is hearing all of our prays, people told me. I believe He is. Like this morning, He answers me. Creepy? nope. He answers me on his own way, through people.

I have been wandering for some things lately, I stated it in my last post. This morning, I have the answers that calmed my mind. I have to wait. one year longer. Would it hurt to wait a year longer after these 3 years? I consider it fair enough. I can make better preparation, I can fix some or more things in my life before welcoming my time. πŸ˜‰

Pray for your dream as specific as you can, said someone to me. I couldn’t picture my dream specifically, maybe that is why I need to wait. I need to wait until I am ready. I need to make my self worth of it.

Since I need to wait, maybe You could make London as my destination, my dear God?

insecure feeling

I have a dream. Dream about my future. Future which I want very much. Now I am sad. Sad because I am stepping against it. I become far away from the path to my dream. People say that the hardest route is the closest way, but what if this isn’t the hardest, what if it is the easiest way, I am in the farthest way then.

I have dreams. Dreams about what I want to be. I want to be an asronaut when I was a little girl. I want to be teacher like my mother. I want to be Psychologist. I want to be a Clinician. I want to be…..a great woman. What do i really want? I already be a lecturer. I already have my own business. If I ain’t feel complete, I am not a grateful person then.

I have a dream. Dream about my ideal life. I have a life. Living my real life, not living my dream life.

I have a dream. I have a life.

Which one should I live in?

Memory of you

Beberapa hari yang lalu, sepupu saya cerita bahwa beliau mimpi seram dengan saya sebagai tokohnya, kemudian Ibu juga cerita kalau saya melakukan sesuatu di mimpinya yang membuat beliau merasa takut itu menjadi kenyataan. Saya memilih untuk tidak menanyakan detil kejadian yang terjadi dalam mimpi sepupu saya karena saya akui saya takut itu malah membayang-bayangi saya dan saya meyakinkan ibu bahwa mimpi itu hanya bunga tidur saja. Saya mengatakan demikian sebenarnya juga untuk meyakinkan diri sendiri, bahwa mimpi-mimpi itu tidak lebih dari manifestasi ketakutan sang pemimpi, bukan merupakan tanda-tanda kejadian kepada sang tokoh dalam mimpi.

Kemudian tadi pagi, saya terbangun dari mimpi yang menurut saya janggal, janggal karena saya tidak begitu sering bermimpi dan jika saya bermimpi, maka biasanya saya hanya ingat garis besar mimpi itu saja, namun mimpi tadi malam masih bisa saya ingat dengan jelas detil kejadiannya hingga saat ini, dan saya akui, ketika saya bangun tadi pagi, perasaan saya berkecamuk tak menentu karena kejadian dalam mimpi saya tersebut dan tokoh utamanya yang sudah lama tidak muncul dalam pikiran saya.

Sebagai seorang penggemar Jung walau belum bisa disebut sebagai jungian, saya langsung mengingat lagi apa yang dikatakan Jung mengenai mimpi. Mimpi menurut Jung berbeda dengan mimpi menurut Freud bahwa mimpi adalah manifestasi langsung dari alam bawah sadar kita yang biasanya identik dengan hal-hal yang kita hindari dan kita paksa masuk ke alam bawah sadar agar tidak mengganggu kesadaran kita. Mimpi menurut Jung lebih bermakna simbolik dimana merupakan jendela untuk mengintip alam bawah sadar kita, bukan murni adalah apa yang menjadi ketakutan kita. Lebih lanjut Jung mengatakan bahwa mimpi memiliki simbol-simbol yang merepresentasikan diri kita dan kejadian disekitar kita, dan cara kita memahami mimpi sangat bergantung pada pemahaman kita terhadap simbol-simbol yang kita temukan dalam mimpi itu, sehingga tidak ada pemahaman yang salah dalam “coping” dengan mimpi.

Kejadian dalam mimpi saya membuat saya teringat beberapa hal yang saya mulai lupakan beberapa waktu belakangan ini, mungkin ini adalah perpanjangan tangan dari alam bawah sadar saya yang ingin mengingatkan saya mengenai hal yang luput dari hidup saya agar saya tidak mengulangi kesalahan yang sama. Seperti menurut Jung, mimpi dapat menjadi jendela untuk membantu kita memahami apa yang terjadi kini dan membuat kita menyadari kesalahan kita selama ini dan menjadi solusi agar kita teringat untuk tidak mengulangi kesalahan yang sama.

Belakangan ini, saya mengalami banyak kekecewaan, merasa bahwa orang-orang yang saya sayangi, yang saya anggap sahabat saya sepertinya hanya mengingat saya ketika dia butuh dan tidak dengan tulus menyayangi saya. Saya mengalami masa kekecewaan yang dalam dan membuat saya benar-benar takut untuk menaruh harapan lagi dan lebih banyak meluangkan waktu untuk diri saya. Lalu terjadilah mimpi tadi malam, dimana tokohnya adalah seseorang dari masa lalu saya yang setelah saya renungkan, sebenarnya seseorang yang sangat berarti bagi saya, tetapi saya terlalu takut untuk mengakuinya dan terlalu takut membiarkan ia terlalu dalam masuk ke dalam kehidupan saya karena takut dia menemukan “saya” yang tidak sesuai dengan gambarannya.

Perenungan dan pemutaran kejadian-kejadian yang lalu membuat saya terhenyak bahwa saya benar-benar menjadi orang yang jahat padanya, walaupun mungkin dia tidak merasa demikian, namun saya rasa saya benar-benar sudah sangat jahat. Sepertinya apa yang saya lakukan kepadanya adalah apa yang saya terima dari sahabat saya yang menurut saya sudah mengecewakan saya.

Dia dulu sepertinya selalu ada ketika saya memerlukannya, bahkan walaupun saya hanya memerlukannya untuk jadi bahan hinaan saya, atau hanya untuk bertukar cerita absurd, tapi dia selalu ada. Lalu apa yang saya lakukan kepadanya? saya tidak berusaha mendekatkan diri, saya tidak berusaha bertanya mengenai apa yang terjadi dalam kehidupannya, apa yang menjadi impiannya, apa yang menjadi ketakutannya, saya hanya mengingat dia ketika saya membutuhkannya. Kini saya sadari memang saya sudah menjadi orang yang sangat kejam, saya mungkin memang pantas diperlakukan seperti sekarang oleh orang lain.

Entah bagaimana saya bisa menjelaskan bahwa seseorang dari masa lampau ini sangat berarti bagi saya, walaupun mungkin dia tidak menyadarinya karena bahkan saya baru menyadarinya hari ini. Saya baru menyadari bahwa ketakutan sayalah yang membuat saya tidak memberikan ruang bagi dia dalam diri saya, ketakutan saya akan “saya”lah yang menyingkirkan dia hingga undangan dia untuk hadir pada hari istimewanya juga tidak bisa saya penuhi, padahal dia sudah mengundang saya dengan khusus. Entahlah, kini saya hanya dipenuhi penyesalan dan kelegaan.

Saya menyesal tidak pernah memberikan dia perhatian yang layak, padahal dia salah satu sahabat terbaik saya yang mengerti saya dan tidak pernah mengecewakan saya tetapi saya juga lega karena kini dia sudah merajut kebahagiaan hidupnya, very happy indeed and even I know it hurts but I’m happy for you.. πŸ™‚ I’m really happy for you. Please send my regard to your special one, maaf belum sempat berkenalan dengannya.. Please accept my sincere apology for all the harm i’ve done to you and for not coming to your special day. I know you deserve this happiness..

am I seem desperate enough?



cry me a river…

it’s been a while, blog.. it’s been a while.. and in this not so short break time i have made one big decision for my life. Yes! i decided to go back to college life and pursue one of my many dreams… become a Psychologist.

Okay, it’s not an easy decision to make, tho. I’ve already work for this one very strict company with many rules and so controlling, it even controls its employee’s personal life, and of course they had a regulation for person who wants to continue their study. With my biggest gut, i take a chance to enroll in one of the finest Psychologist-to-be program in town,Β  and thank God, i’ve got accepted..

I am currently waiting a reply from my big boss whether they let me to continue my education or not. I really wish that I could, since this is why I choose psychology as my major for my bach.

Some people said that God always arrange something that suit your life, God will never give you something you can’t handle, and this time, I pray that God really make this Psychologist path as my destiny.. I pray.. I wait and I pray..

Maybe..just maybe, some of my few readers wonders why can’t I just quit from my current job to pursue my dream, since i’ve got accepted already and people know that psychologist is one of the high-demand career nowadays. I will give you a reason.. which is… yes,the fine is too high if i resign.


Those passages above was made on a week ago, just before I ‘ve got called by my boss who then told me that I couldn’t get the permission, since my master program will take my work hour for about 2 years and they couldn’t find the right excuse for me to leave work for such a long period even I’ve explain to them that the time wouldn’t take whole day in a whole week, it could be only for several hours a day that I could come to office after class. I’ve failed to convince them.. and they failed me also..
Have you ever feel so angry, blog? So angry that you couldn’t scream, couldn’t yell, couldn’t do anything to express your anger but can only cry? cry a river, silently, with your own company, alone, in the dark? yes.. that was what I feel back then.. I felt angry, very upset, and hopeless, till I realized that my world wouldn’t end just because i couldn’t get their permission.
I had to make decision.. a big one and the most selfish decision i’ve ever made. With massive tears flowing from my eyes, I’ve choose to keep pursuing my dream, with all the consequences it will take.
I could lose may things in progress, but like many quotes have told us, whoever or whichever stay with us during the progress with their support when we find obstacles and their warm hugs when we finally in the successful track, they are worth to called your precious gifts.


lost in faith

dear Human,

you would never know who I am

as I am only an imagination

only a figure in your dreams

in your fantasies

but for you are my creator, i would always be a real friend for you,,

whether you could feel me or not,

i always feel you..

sincerely, your alter Ego

dear Dream,

how could i ever get in touch with you?

coz i need some escape

from this brutality of my life

from all these fears that i feel

for all the doubts that become real?

Love, Your reality

dear Human,

i will always tease you

attract you for always make through

leaving even your slightest hesitations

and there will never any inhibitions

for your ways are guide by an angel

come to me and you will never surrender

sincerely, Your alter ego

dear Dream,

there is white flag above my head

there is white flag within my mind

i would come completely to you

just tell me how i can make you become true?

Love, your Reality

i can’t even tell which one is true

for all I need is only you

written for JP Poetry Potluck Today