lost in faith

dear Human,

you would never know who I am

as I am only an imagination

only a figure in your dreams

in your fantasies

but for you are my creator, i would always be a real friend for you,,

whether you could feel me or not,

i always feel you..

sincerely, your alter Ego

dear Dream,

how could i ever get in touch with you?

coz i need some escape

from this brutality of my life

from all these fears that i feel

for all the doubts that become real?

Love, Your reality

dear Human,

i will always tease you

attract you for always make through

leaving even your slightest hesitations

and there will never any inhibitions

for your ways are guide by an angel

come to me and you will never surrender

sincerely, Your alter ego

dear Dream,

there is white flag above my head

there is white flag within my mind

i would come completely to you

just tell me how i can make you become true?

Love, your Reality

i can’t even tell which one is true

for all I need is only you

written for JP Poetry Potluck Today