Playing the victim game

“Homo homini lupus”


We know some people who always behave like they are the victim. They never admit that they do something wrong, moreover, they blame someone for what happen in their life. People who always put their blame in others is doing something that we call playing the victim game or self-victimization syndrome.

“Why should I apologize to her if i’ve never done something wrong?” Those are the simple sentence that will lead a person to play the victim game. Should I remind us that we are a social creatures? We don’t live alone in this world, everything that we’ve done is effecting others life as well as effecting ours. I guess it will not harm you if you apologize to someone that you truly feel that something has changed between you two. If you want other to feel respect at you, you have to gain it yourself. Confront your guilt feeling, ask directly to the person who changed their behavior towards you. Be gentle, and you will save your pride.

Self-victimization syndrome is a syndrome where one feels and acts like a victim all the time. If someone acted like this person has done something wrong to him/her, person with this syndrome will try to convince other that they are guilt-free, they had done nothing wrong, moreover this person will act as if the person that hurt is the one who’s hurting them. Usually, a person with this syndrome will try to act like nothing happen, and will tell others that other people is avoiding him/her.

I know that when we tell stories of what happen in our life, we need to be in the spotlight. We always want to be in the good side, but if we hurt other in the process, it will end very bad. We have to choose what we say to others or we will hurt someone by what we’ve told, conscious or unconscious.

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To reiterate the underlying dynamics of this problem, I explained that many people adopt the victim role, albeit unintentionally, because they are afraid of their anger, deny its existence in themselves, project it onto other people, and anticipate aggression or harm from them. With this expectation and a high sensitivity to anger in others, they may even distort other people’s facial expressions, imagining that they have malicious intentions. The anger that they would have experienced in response to frustration or stress is transformed into fear and distrust of others and into feelings of being hurt or wounded.

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Even in the most extreme situation, such as a concentration camp, feeling victimized is not adaptive: Feeling your anger, planning an escape, attempting to survive any and all of these courses of action are preferable to indulging powerless, victimized feelings. Your attitude is a vital factor in determining whether you will survive or perish, succeed or fail in life. Viktor Frankl contended that many of the survivors of German concentration camps were able to endure because they refused to give in to feeling victimized. Instead, although stripped of all their rights and possessions, they used one remaining freedom to sustain their spirit; the freedom to choose what attitude or position they would take in relation to the horror they faced. “It was the freedom to bear oneself ‘this way or that,’ and there was a ‘this or that.'” (Frankl, 1954/1967, p. 94)

Feeling victimized is never a productive act. Even in the most depressing moment in your life, you should find something to change the situation. If we notice that something is changed from our dear friend, ask them directly. If we feel angry to a certain person of what they’ve done to us, find a way to tell them nicely. Never make a statement like “They isolate me, they don’t want me there, they hate me” but instead, ask to yourself, do they really isolate me or I make an isolation by my self? It could be that you are the one avoiding them, and you choose to believe that they hate you. Something is better spoken than hidden, dear. Please end playing the victim, now is the time for us to face the reality, bridging the problem by start apologizing!

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cry me a river…

it’s been a while, blog.. it’s been a while.. and in this not so short break time i have made one big decision for my life. Yes! i decided to go back to college life and pursue one of my many dreams… become a Psychologist.

Okay, it’s not an easy decision to make, tho. I’ve already work for this one very strict company with many rules and so controlling, it even controls its employee’s personal life, and of course they had a regulation for person who wants to continue their study. With my biggest gut, i take a chance to enroll in one of the finest Psychologist-to-be program in town,  and thank God, i’ve got accepted..

I am currently waiting a reply from my big boss whether they let me to continue my education or not. I really wish that I could, since this is why I choose psychology as my major for my bach.

Some people said that God always arrange something that suit your life, God will never give you something you can’t handle, and this time, I pray that God really make this Psychologist path as my destiny.. I pray.. I wait and I pray..

Maybe..just maybe, some of my few readers wonders why can’t I just quit from my current job to pursue my dream, since i’ve got accepted already and people know that psychologist is one of the high-demand career nowadays. I will give you a reason.. which is… yes,the fine is too high if i resign.


Those passages above was made on a week ago, just before I ‘ve got called by my boss who then told me that I couldn’t get the permission, since my master program will take my work hour for about 2 years and they couldn’t find the right excuse for me to leave work for such a long period even I’ve explain to them that the time wouldn’t take whole day in a whole week, it could be only for several hours a day that I could come to office after class. I’ve failed to convince them.. and they failed me also..
Have you ever feel so angry, blog? So angry that you couldn’t scream, couldn’t yell, couldn’t do anything to express your anger but can only cry? cry a river, silently, with your own company, alone, in the dark? yes.. that was what I feel back then.. I felt angry, very upset, and hopeless, till I realized that my world wouldn’t end just because i couldn’t get their permission.
I had to make decision.. a big one and the most selfish decision i’ve ever made. With massive tears flowing from my eyes, I’ve choose to keep pursuing my dream, with all the consequences it will take.
I could lose may things in progress, but like many quotes have told us, whoever or whichever stay with us during the progress with their support when we find obstacles and their warm hugs when we finally in the successful track, they are worth to called your precious gifts.