Exploring Time!

To follow new topics in my reader is such a hard one, because I have follow almost every topics. I like to keep my mind open and sometime I found many interesting stuffs from things I used to hate. 😀

Nevertheless, These are topics that I recently followed:

1. Pop Culture

One can’t forever avoid what’s always popped up, no?

2. Sport

I guess I really need some motivation for my better sporting lifestyle.. Teehee

3. Politic

a preparation for my master course. *burned*

4. Inequality

Balanced life is not always about an equality.

5. Marriage

another preparation. *Silently whispering* 😀

And I try a new theme, whaddaya think? I choose this because I haven’t use something orange before, it turns out rather fun!

Yay! I could keep up with the challenge again..


The Dark Jasmine

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