Describe your personal style, however you’d like to interpret that — your clothing style, your communication style, your hair style, your eating style, anything.

That is the daily prompt for 8th January and the Zero to Hero challenge has come to the day 7, which is:

create and upload a simple header, or test out a few different backgrounds.

a Simple Header lead to a logo for this blog. Been so long since my last time editing photo for this blog, then today I finally do some editing and voila… the new header is here!

Do you like it?

This is my style. a simple one, but always has black and white color in it, now with some bright color for adding some new element to my journey. For a long time, my theme is always black and white, not only for my blog but for my life. I used to wear black or white clothes most of the time and I also paint my bedroom with those colors.

Black and white are my muse.

People say that life is not only about black or white, there are grey areas in many aspects. I couldn’t disagree with that… but for me, grey or other colors have black or white element in them. So whatever the color you choose, you will always be influenced by the black or the white, which one you prefer to befriend is all up to you. Be wise to choose. 🙂


The Dark Jasmine

It’s Psychology of UGM’s Birthday!

The first impression of this faculty is made back when I have an interview at the admission, in 2005 and it was a very good impression. The interview went well and rather fun, so relax that I already felt very welcomed by them. One of the interviewer turned out to be The Dean of Psychology Faculty. Well done, Sir.

Many interesting experiences I’ve got while I was studying there. It could be because the subject is about human, so I can really relate all the lessons to my self and so applicable in daily basis. Psychology is one unique subject. Being a psychology graduated is another whole world. We can’t just tell someone that we are a psychology graduated without they ask us to “read” them, honestly people… you aren’t a book to read, are you?

Today is the 49th birthday of Faculty of Psychology, Gadjah Mada University. This is an age that classified as middle adulthood, which favorable outcome based on Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development is concern for family, society and future generation. I hope this Faculty will keep educating future psychologist and psychology researcher that concern to build a better social world for family, society and future generation. Forever best wishes for the faculty and the future generation!

Above is a video about my University. Feel free to watch it in your spare time.

This is my first time embed a video, thanks to Day 6 Challenge!

once again, Happy Birthday Faculty of Psychology, Gadjah Mada University

…Bakti Kami Mahasiswa Gadjah Mada Semua…

Exploring Time!

To follow new topics in my reader is such a hard one, because I have follow almost every topics. I like to keep my mind open and sometime I found many interesting stuffs from things I used to hate. 😀

Nevertheless, These are topics that I recently followed:

1. Pop Culture

One can’t forever avoid what’s always popped up, no?

2. Sport

I guess I really need some motivation for my better sporting lifestyle.. Teehee

3. Politic

a preparation for my master course. *burned*

4. Inequality

Balanced life is not always about an equality.

5. Marriage

another preparation. *Silently whispering* 😀

And I try a new theme, whaddaya think? I choose this because I haven’t use something orange before, it turns out rather fun!

Yay! I could keep up with the challenge again..


The Dark Jasmine

a Very Late Day 3

Pardon me for this very late post.

Today’s assignment: write the post that was on your mind when you decided to start a blog.

To answer this sentence, I have to go back to 1st January of 2007, the day I decide to start blogging. I went through my first post and found out that my first one is only a greeting post, I haven’t write about why I made this blog in the first place.

A safe House. This is what this blog is all about. A safe place for my thoughts and everything that crosses my life. Maybe an online space and a safe house are two concepts that cannot be in one theme, but for me, this blog is my safe house. I like writing here because I am lack of ability to talk to people, even though I am working on it as I am a lecturer, I prefer writing than talking. I could be whatever I want here and everybody can have their own image of me by reading this blog.

Poetry is my main interest when I start blogging. I’ve posted mainly poems in my early blogging time. Now, this blog is built for many kind of minds I’ve got. You can choose to read about my thoughts in Psychology area or Volunteering or places I’ve visited and of course food I’ve tasted. This is my personal mind’s empire.

Lost in Soulful Journey

This is it, the day 2 challenge is finally here. It was a hard one, tho. I need to keep my promise to keep up with this Zero to Hero thingy.

Do you like my new title?
Do you get my new tagline?

I really need a feedback.. I’ve been lost for sometime, finding and building an identity for this blog. This is my escape route from my routine and my reality. I found my other self while blogging here.

This blog is indeed a journey of mine. A journey that feed my soul to keep me alive. The first title of this blog is “and the heart isn’t unheard” which I love the most, and still use it as my tagline many time offline.

The second title, which was written just a couple of months ago is “pick your own dose of bitterness”. I choose that because of my writing express the stormy mood, so it is surely has a rhythm of bitterness on it.

After reading the Day 2 assignments, I roll my mind and rethinking my title and tagline. Mirroring all that I’ve post here, my mind then come up with a soulful journey….

That was my journey to finally make a whole new identity for my alter ego home. Hope you all as excited as I am now…

@darkjasm in 2014

Moving out to a new year. Leaving behind all the things I’ve done in 2013. Memories of hurts, loves, hates, likes, joys, tears, dreams, and realities stay and keep in my mind forever. All that I’ve ever been through in 2013 no matter small or big they are, shape the new me.

First thing I decided about my blogging life this year is gonna make my self committed in joining the Zero to Hero blogger. Commitment in blogging is my very big problem, always. I keep saying that I have to update my blog regularly, but I keep having trouble keeping it, due to many reasons my mind has made up. The new me is really eager to accomplish this 30 days assignments to prove that I really am a girl who can keep my promise.

The day 1 challenge is to “introduce yourself” which I’ve done a couple weeks ago by updating my about page. Due to my commitment, I need to post something about my self to fulfill the very first challenge, so I want to introduce my self from a different angle. Why I choose “darkjasm” as my online identity.

Darkjasm literally an acronym of “The Dark Jasmine”. Jasmine is the name of my scout troop back in my junior high school time, when we were competing in the “Lomba Tingkat Nasional” (National Ranger Scout Competition). I experienced many things during the competition and found the meaning of a true friendship in my troop. My school sent two troops to compete, the other troop is the boy’s and the name is Crow. Crow, as we know is a Black bird that often associate with a bad luck. My interpretation of my love for the boys is adding the “dark” before the Jasmine. And these facts are also the reason behind my love for black and white.

What do you think about my introduction?

Much Love,

The Dark Jasmine