Lost in Soulful Journey

This is it, the day 2 challenge is finally here. It was a hard one, tho. I need to keep my promise to keep up with this Zero to Hero thingy.

Do you like my new title?
Do you get my new tagline?

I really need a feedback.. I’ve been lost for sometime, finding and building an identity for this blog. This is my escape route from my routine and my reality. I found my other self while blogging here.

This blog is indeed a journey of mine. A journey that feed my soul to keep me alive. The first title of this blog is “and the heart isn’t unheard” which I love the most, and still use it as my tagline many time offline.

The second title, which was written just a couple of months ago is “pick your own dose of bitterness”. I choose that because of my writing express the stormy mood, so it is surely has a rhythm of bitterness on it.

After reading the Day 2 assignments, I roll my mind and rethinking my title and tagline. Mirroring all that I’ve post here, my mind then come up with a soulful journey….

That was my journey to finally make a whole new identity for my alter ego home. Hope you all as excited as I am now…


  1. Blockader says:

    I am sure it will be an very interesting journey, I am looking forward to reading more.


    1. darkjasm says:

      yes, indeed. Thanks for stopping by.. 😀


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