@darkjasm in 2014

Moving out to a new year. Leaving behind all the things I’ve done in 2013. Memories of hurts, loves, hates, likes, joys, tears, dreams, and realities stay and keep in my mind forever. All that I’ve ever been through in 2013 no matter small or big they are, shape the new me.

First thing I decided about my blogging life this year is gonna make my self committed in joining the Zero to Hero blogger. Commitment in blogging is my very big problem, always. I keep saying that I have to update my blog regularly, but I keep having trouble keeping it, due to many reasons my mind has made up. The new me is really eager to accomplish this 30 days assignments to prove that I really am a girl who can keep my promise.

The day 1 challenge is to “introduce yourself” which I’ve done a couple weeks ago by updating my about page. Due to my commitment, I need to post something about my self to fulfill the very first challenge, so I want to introduce my self from a different angle. Why I choose “darkjasm” as my online identity.

Darkjasm literally an acronym of “The Dark Jasmine”. Jasmine is the name of my scout troop back in my junior high school time, when we were competing in the “Lomba Tingkat Nasional” (National Ranger Scout Competition). I experienced many things during the competition and found the meaning of a true friendship in my troop. My school sent two troops to compete, the other troop is the boy’s and the name is Crow. Crow, as we know is a Black bird that often associate with a bad luck. My interpretation of my love for the boys is adding the “dark” before the Jasmine. And these facts are also the reason behind my love for black and white.

What do you think about my introduction?

Much Love,

The Dark Jasmine


  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Your introduction carries you, and that is considered as a good intro 🙂


    1. darkjasm says:

      Thank you.. Thank youu.. Happy to know that you enjoy it.. 🙂


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