2017 in a flash

So, just like any other year.. 2017 also passed by so quickly. My blogging activity through out the year was not something that I can be proud of. In spite of my effort to keep motivating myself, I couldn’t find enough time and energy to spend in writing post. *sigh*

As my last resort, I will pour my heart and thought in highlighting each month’s theme from my 2017.


Being a citizen of this universe means that I also get sucked to spend my January thinking about, watching in delay, and cringed after the inauguration of Donald Trump as POTUS. “Life must go on” was the only thing that made me keep my sanity afterwards.


After the depressing January, luckily, what I remember from February mostly the good ones. The first time we take Zhaf to Seaworld! He was very excited to see any kind of fish and other underwater creatures there. It was a mesmerizing experience to see a pure joy of my baby.

zhaf in Seaworld
Zhaf in Seaworld, Ancol


Zhaf is up and stand in his own for the first time! Yeay! Alhamdulillah. This mark my march in 2017. My baby is all grown up, because not long after he start to stand, he began to take his first step – also in this month.

Zhaf Stand


My parents (both by blood and by law) went to Umrah this month and they were very happy. For Zhaf, this month we went to Bali with him for the first time. The most funny thing happened was ​to figure out that Zhaf was afraid of the beach (maybe the sand, or the sound of the wave). I still want to make him a beach boy, but got no other chance in 2017, I guess it is time to plan for a trip to the beach in 2018. Yeay!


Zhaf 1yo

My Zhaf is turning 1. ONEderful journey with him! I love him to the moon and back. We did celebrate his birthday with our close family, but our timing was wrong – the birthday boy was too sleepy to enjoy his party. *lol* I also have a great experience this month: went to Australia for the first time.. and fall so hard for Canberra.


Ramadhan is coming and we were so eager to observe it with Zhaf has already up and about this year. He woke up to join us having Sahoor in the morning and so happy when we were all gathering to break the fast in the afternoon. I guest he was starting to love this holy month, just for all the gathering (this time).


Become the family of SabangMerauke was my highlight this month – beside our Eid in my hometown, of course. To be part of something so important such as SabangMerauke brings back my spirit to keep going despite all bad things happen around the world. Hope is all over the world if we choose to embrace it!


The thing I remember the most from this month was the night when Zhaf has to get stitches and It broke my heart to see him in such pain. I couldn’t afford to remove the painful images from my mind. Blood and tears everywhere – my heart was never the same after that tragedy.


I was enter the 29th zone of my life, but my highlight was Zhaf is starting to wean himself from breastfeeding. He was refusing to be breastfed and started to drink cow milk. I thought that my broken heart in August was the worst, this one is hundred time disaster in my heart and mind. All is well now, tho.

October – December

Couldn’t separate these 3 months since I was drowned in my work the whole time. Not much happening outside the office since I spend most of my time (including the night) in my office. *sigh* what a sad way to end a year.

Hmm.. so many Zhaf in my highlight. Please bare with my guys, I guess 2018 will also be the same. 🙂


The DarkJasmine.


@darkjasm in 2014

Moving out to a new year. Leaving behind all the things I’ve done in 2013. Memories of hurts, loves, hates, likes, joys, tears, dreams, and realities stay and keep in my mind forever. All that I’ve ever been through in 2013 no matter small or big they are, shape the new me.

First thing I decided about my blogging life this year is gonna make my self committed in joining the Zero to Hero blogger. Commitment in blogging is my very big problem, always. I keep saying that I have to update my blog regularly, but I keep having trouble keeping it, due to many reasons my mind has made up. The new me is really eager to accomplish this 30 days assignments to prove that I really am a girl who can keep my promise.

The day 1 challenge is to “introduce yourself” which I’ve done a couple weeks ago by updating my about page. Due to my commitment, I need to post something about my self to fulfill the very first challenge, so I want to introduce my self from a different angle. Why I choose “darkjasm” as my online identity.

Darkjasm literally an acronym of “The Dark Jasmine”. Jasmine is the name of my scout troop back in my junior high school time, when we were competing in the “Lomba Tingkat Nasional” (National Ranger Scout Competition). I experienced many things during the competition and found the meaning of a true friendship in my troop. My school sent two troops to compete, the other troop is the boy’s and the name is Crow. Crow, as we know is a Black bird that often associate with a bad luck. My interpretation of my love for the boys is adding the “dark” before the Jasmine. And these facts are also the reason behind my love for black and white.

What do you think about my introduction?

Much Love,

The Dark Jasmine