It’s Psychology of UGM’s Birthday!

The first impression of this faculty is made back when I have an interview at the admission, in 2005 and it was a very good impression. The interview went well and rather fun, so relax that I already felt very welcomed by them. One of the interviewer turned out to be The Dean of Psychology Faculty. Well done, Sir.

Many interesting experiences I’ve got while I was studying there. It could be because the subject is about human, so I can really relate all the lessons to my self and so applicable in daily basis. Psychology is one unique subject. Being a psychology graduated is another whole world. We can’t just tell someone that we are a psychology graduated without they ask us to “read” them, honestly people… you aren’t a book to read, are you?

Today is the 49th birthday of Faculty of Psychology, Gadjah Mada University. This is an age that classified as middle adulthood, which favorable outcome based on Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development is concern for family, society and future generation. I hope this Faculty will keep educating future psychologist and psychology researcher that concern to build a better social world for family, society and future generation. Forever best wishes for the faculty and the future generation!

Above is a video about my University. Feel free to watch it in your spare time.

This is my first time embed a video, thanks to Day 6 Challenge!

once again, Happy Birthday Faculty of Psychology, Gadjah Mada University

…Bakti Kami Mahasiswa Gadjah Mada Semua…