January 6, 2011

here come the 6th day of January in 2011,, another year has passed,,

it’s your birthday again, my dear,,

i know that u aren’t celebrate birthday anymore, i just wanna share this as my b’day gift for u, Rinda Airin


remember the pizzas that we used to eat?

remember how long was it take us to finish all the dishes that we order?

remember the nights we used to talk till dawn?

remember the songs that we used to sing?

remember the day when u accompany me to find my office?

remember the promise that i cannot keep?

i can’t be there in ur happy wedding ceremony,,

i can’t be there when u need me,,

i can’t be there when u mostly just want to see me,,

i’ve been a terrible friend,,

bad friend,,

that i never meant to,,

i don’t ever want to hurt u, but i always do that in the end,,

i’m so sorry,,

i Love U!

I miss U so,,

please forgive me,,