Truth is: We are dating our own mind

Have you feel loved?
Have you feel special?
Have you feel neglected?
Have you feel disappointed?

Yes. I Know you have. We are all have experienced those feeling.

If you are now in a relationship, do you really feel happy about what your spouse does for you? Are you really satisfied with your relationship?

I am telling you that everything you feel is coming from your own mind.
If your mind tells you to be happy, whatever your spouse has done, even that he/she isn’t live up to your expectation, you will still feel that your spouse is the perfect one for you.
If your mind gives you an itchy day, flowers or kisses from your spouse will never enough to make your day, whatever he/she has done is just gonna make you feel left out.

You see what your mind show to you.
You feel what your mind sense for you.
Your world is really in your own mind.

night’s thought

…don’t u ever ask me why, coz I’ll never give u reasons,,

…things that i know is i can’t take u off of my mind,,

…love is d purest emotion,,

…love is nothing to blame,,

…love is all we have,,

baru kali ini kurasa cinta yang tak menyakiti,,

kita memang tak ditakdirkan untuk saling memiliki,,

hanya rasa ini yang kita punya untuk kita bagi,,

kita saling mencintai, bukan ingin memiliki, hanya untuk saling menguatkan,,