Zhazha Invades Jakarta #AnotherLatePost

Early this April, My lovely niece Zhafira Khalifa Laiqa along with her mother “MaZha”, father “PaZha”, grandfather “atuk” and aunty visited me for about a week. We had joyful holiday..

Day 1 after their arrival, we went to Ragunan Zoo, I’ve asked them to go early in the morning because it will be sunny that day, but we arrived there around 11am, when the sun shines so brightly.. It was very hot in Ragunan, we have to walk to see the animals and after Atuk feel so exhausted, we ride the tram to see around the Ragunan and it is really a big zoo. Zhazha was so happy to see many kinds of animals like elephant, birds, monkey, lion and others, She called them all “Mauw”. 😆

Posing in Ragunan Zoo
Posing in Ragunan Zoo
The Elephant
The Elephant

After we all so tired and the tummy was really empty, we went to Daeng Naba’s Restaurant in Ampera Street. We were treated by my Cousin, Bg Dody “Zhazha’s Pak Long”.

Day 2 of the journey, around 8 am we were off to Sea World in Ancol Dream Park. Traffic jam was our best friend that day. We arrived there around half past ten. We took some pictures with the fish, Aunty was being so brave that she participated in a contest and got Sea World Sticker. What a lovely day. Zhazha keep calling the fish as “Mauw” :rolling:

Zhazha and the ganks
Zhazha and the ganks
The joy I love
The joy I love

Finished the journey at Sea World, Ambassador Mall was our next destination, but became “me”, we lost in our way there, took so long route and finally we parked at Kuningan City. We went to Ambas on foot from Kuningan City, bought some cds, and then had dinner at Kuningan City. Zhazha was so happy walking in Kuningan City, it might be because the mall is so bright and almost empty that she felt like she was at home. Back to home after Maghrib prayer, through the friday night traffic of South Jakarta and Depok. *be right back massaging my feet*

Day 3 is Aunty’s day. Aunty went to Kidzania at Pacific Place, accompanied by Mr. J “Anji as Zhazha call him” and PaZha. They spent almost 3 hrs in Kidzania. Atuk was Watching GI JOE at Blitzmegaplex while Mazha and me “Bubun or Baboh as Zhazha call me” were busy to keep Zhazha busy. Aunty was so happy after she went to Kidzania, she baked cookies there, she became a journalist and she kept talking about it in our journey back to home.

Day 4 was Sunday and it was supposed to be Atuk’s day. Around 9am I accompanied Atuk to one of his nephew’s wedding. The problem was he hardly ever met his cousin even more his nephew (the last time Atuk met his cousin was when he was a junior high school student!) and the other problem was I hardly know the route. We made it after all but we weren’t stay long there because of there was too many person and Atuk was seating so bad. We went home and in the afternoon Atuk stayed at home while the others left to ITC for some shopping. Teheee

Day 5 was when Bubun have classes to teach in her campus. I left early in the morning but I came home in my lunch break between class to pick Zhazha and the ganks to see beautiful scenery around my campus. In the night we had dinner reservation at Bumbu Desa, Margo City, invited by Anji’s family. The dinner went very well, what didn’t go well was that Zhazha was crying when we went home, she still wanted to be in Margo City. I guess that my cute niece has been a mall girl. :p

in Sentul Highland
in Sentul Highland

Last Day 😦

We left home around 10.30am and was heading to Grand Indonesia Shopping Town to see the Fountain Show. We stopped in Majesty Bakery to buy cakes for people in Pekanbaru and we also stopped at some Padang Restaurant in Blok M for lunch. Finally around 13.30 we arrived at GI but unfortunately we missed the Fountain Show. We just took some pics there and then off to the airport at 14.30

With uncle robot.. hihii
With uncle robot.. hihii
le goodbye :(
le goodbye 😦


My heart is broken when I see them waving good bye… 😦

Ps. All the pics are courtesy of PaZha



Her name is Cleora Baheera Wira Negara

I have a newborn Niece!

She was born in Pekanbaru, 2nd November, 2011.

Her father is my cousin. He sent these pics yesterday…

She is so cute, but I couldn’t hold her yet,,


I want to go home soon… 😦

"Cleora Baheera Wira Negara"
Cleora Baheera Wira Negara
Cleora and her mom, Kak Febby
-The Smiling Baby-

Hugs and kisses,

Aunty Tata